A Single Dads Guide To Homemaking
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A Single Dads Guide To Homemaking

Real talk. You probably didn’t plan on ending up as a single dad. It’s not exactly what you dream about in 5th grade, but if, for whatever reason, this is where you find yourself now, then we’ve got some advice for you – and don’t worry, like everything else in life, you don’t need to have everything planned. Let’s just make it through today and take it from there.

So we recently looked at how you can make a new place feel like a home but seeing as though the seasons are changing and everyone on the planet is finally looking forward to something resembling a way better year than 2021, we thought we’d give you the heads-up on the style collective when it comes to turning your house into a home.

A Single Dads Guide To Homemaking

“The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature.” – Prevost Abbe


The words of the 17th-century French author speak something to the sentiment of being a dad that in today’s rapidly changing world appears to be increasingly lost on society. But, no matter how everything changes around us, a dad’s heart knows more than any other the intense primordial need to protect their family.

This speaks to everything from being an excellent provider to being a decent man and our little girl’s hero – forever, and our little boy’s role model into the generations that come next. In a perfect world, that sentiment and those responsibilities are shared with a +1, a significant other, but that doesn’t always work out that way.

So, here you are, and it falls to you to turn your house into the kind of home that will be that sanctuary that makes life as usual as possible and provides the level of consistency and stability that every kid needs.

Now, where your kids are on the scale at this point is going to make a big difference in how that planning happens because clearly, you’ll need to consider different things if you have toddlers or teenagers.


Suppose you’ve just moved in or you’re about to move into a brand new place. In that case, you also have one of the few opportunities to remodel without significant disruption to your life, so if you have super-active kids, you might want to think about landscaping appropriately.

If you have an older home and it’s time to let the light in, you’ll probably be thinking about replacing windows and if that’s so, check out Sheboygan window.

Remember that unless you’re qualified to do it yourself, this is not an area you will be skimping in. Get a contractor, get estimates, and speak to different designers and your children to figure what the “big picture” idea is.


If you find yourself in this position because of a bereavement, you’re probably feeling a million emotions right now. To suddenly have to face all of the future you had planned prior with someone else, but potentially not with someone else – now imagine what your kids are thinking and feeling.

Here’s the truth, you can’t do this alone, and neither can they, so if you’ve had to move or decided to make a change, keep something of the familiar to make sure that sentiment and memory remain an ingredient of everyone’s daily lives.

Also, get some help. No one, and we do mean no one, expects you to have this figured out or know what to do next and when you show your kids that it’s OK not to be OK, something strange happens – everyone starts becoming OK. No one needs to see you losing control later when the potential for more severe damage is ripe. But there are resources around you that can offer you crucial support – use them.

Being a hero doesn’t mean having blind courage. You also need to know when you don’t know.


Let’s face it, homemaking isn’t exactly in the average guy’s wheelhouse, and it’s probably not something that comes naturally to you to know where the centerpiece is supposed to go (hint, the clue is in the name).

But the truth is you don’t need to have a designer home; you need a home that makes sense for your family and works for all of them. So, involve your children in whatever planning decisions are going to impact their lives ultimately as well.

You’re never going to have it all figured out in one post; there’s a real shot that what brought you to this new juncture in your life probably wasn’t the best of circumstances, but we hope that by simplifying a few minor elements to this life, you can beg to reconstruct a future that works, for you – for all of you.

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