6 Helpful Tips on Preparing Your Kids For A House Move
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6 Helpful Tips on Preparing Your Kids For A House Move

6 Helpful Tips on Preparing Your Kids For A House Move

If you’re moving home and you have children, you’ll need to support them through this process. Some kids will be feeling fine about the move, while others may be feeling a little anxious. To prepare your kiddies for a house move, try focusing on these five ideas.

1. Have an honest chat

To get your kids ready for a house move you’ll need to have an honest chat with them. Explain what’s going to happen, ask them how they are feeling about it, and if they have any questions.

Your children might be feeling scared about the move, they may not understand why they have to leave their home. An honest talk is the best way to help them understand. Having said this, young children may not completely grasp the concept. In this case, you might need a few resources to help.

2. Gather helpful resources

There are a few helpful books that can help children to understand the process of moving home. Try these ideas to make a start:

We’re Moving by Heather Maisner:

A lovely story about a young girl called Amy, she isn’t happy about moving as she doesn’t want to say goodbye to her garden, and her best friend. It’s a great book to help young children understand their emotions about moving home.

The Moving Book-A Kid’s Survival Guide By Gabriel Davis:

This story is perfect for older kids aged between 8 and 13 years old. The book offers a guide to help children get ready to move house.

3. Make arrangements to keep in touch

Moving to a new school can be particularly difficult for children, they might feel sad about leaving their friends behind. To ease the transition process for your children, support them to keep in touch. Even if you are moving faraway, you can help your kids to stay in touch using technologies like video chat.

4. Keep their bedrooms the same

To help children feel at ease try to keep their new bedroom relatively similar to their old one. Keep the furniture items, arrange everything in a similar way, and decorate with the same color schemes. Once you’ve moved, ensure that you stick to a familiar routine, especially at bedtime. A sense of familiarity will help your children to feel calmer and more comfortable.

5. Make the process fun

When moving to a new home, try to make the process as fun as possible. Help your children to get excited about the prospect of moving. Show them pictures of their new neighborhood and talk about all the fun things that they’ll be able to do there. Help them to pick out a few new items for their bedrooms and let them help with the packing.

 6. Stay organized

Children pick up on a stressful atmosphere, so you’ll need to keep the moving process as stress-free as possible. To do this, it’s a clever idea to get organized early. Plan everything well in advance, from your packing to your cleaning and your removal company. For an excellent removal and storage service, be sure to take a look at SMARTBOX Solutions, Inc.

With the help of these ideas, you’ll support your kiddies through a house move. Using the right plan, you’ll ensure a smooth moving experience.

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