5 Activities When Not Working or Have Some Free Time
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5 Activities When Not Working or Have Some Free Time

As a parent, we are always being pulled in several different directions. Of course, we have our kids that are in constant need for something. They may need you to help with homework or be there for afterschool activities. Those were some of the best times of my life and ones that is really missed. Unfortunately, my kids are older with two being adults and the youngest being a junior in high school. With my two adult children and independent working daughter I have a lot of times to myself. For the last couple years, I’ve gotten to do a lot of things with my free time. Here are 5 activities when not working or have some free time.

Playing Games

5 Activities When Not Working or Have Some Free Time

5 Activities When Not Working or Have Some Free Time

When growing up, me and my friends played games all the time. We had so much fun playing Nintendo and Sega, but things have changed. Seeing I’m someone who hangs by himself if I’m not with my kids I’ve become a huge solitaire fan. While visiting Solitaire.org, this game brought back so many memories. When we got our first computer, we played on the desktop all the time. Solitaire is something me and my dad played with cards. This game is exciting, and the website have many other games. The site has card games like gin rummy which is something we played as teenagers. You can play more online game like Pacman, which is an old school favorite. Either way, they have a game that you will love and the best part about it is that it’s free!


5 Activities When Not Working or Have Some Free Time

In our first 20-plus years together, me and my wife never went anywhere without our kids. If we did, it was probably out to dinner and a movie. The kids can basically take care of themselves nowadays. We decided that we want to get out of the house as much as possible. After buying a new vehicle a few months back, we started to hit the road. We have spent the day in Cherokee, North Carolina, and Savannah on back-to-back weekends. About six weeks ago, we traveled to Chattanooga and spent the weekend together. During that time, we did a lot of walking, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company. We visited Lookout Mountain, the Tennessee Aquarium and Ruby Falls.

Going to Ball Games

5 Activities When Not Working or Have Some Free Time

When my kids were younger, we rarely went to any games. The only ones we went to were the ones they played in, high school and a couple of minor league games. As teenagers, we went to a few Atlanta Hawk games, but they were so expensive it’s hard taking an entire family. For the last three years, I’ve enjoyed more live games combined that I ever have. About three years ago, me and my son went down to Orlando to check out the Atlanta Braves in spring training. We have gone to a couple of Braves games in their new stadium. The Atlanta Hawks have been the most popular destination as we have checked out about 8 games in three years. This year, we are planning on attending another 5 games. Earlier in the season, me and my son went to the Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles game.


One of the things I’ve tried and that’s staying off of social media as much as possible. When I’m home and have some free time, reading has become very therapeutic to me. Over the last couple of years my reading preference goes from astronomy to history. The last book I’ve purchased and started reading is A Promised Land from Barack Obama. The other book that was purchased is called Blood at the Root: A Racial Cleansing in America. The last book is personal to me because my family is originally from Forsyth County and were ran out of town due to racism. There are other books on my bucket list after finishing those two books.


My mom has said for years that sleep becomes your best friend as you get older. It didn’t matter how many times she told me that it was something never crossed my mind. After hitting my 40s a few years back my sleeping was secondary. After reading up on how sleeping affects the body as we get older, it changed my perception. These days I’ll try to get at least 7-8 hours a day before going to work. If we’re not going somewhere and just chill on the weekends, I’ll get more sleep.


Where are my fellow parents? Do you have any free time? If so, what are some of your activities? What do you think of mine? Leave some feedback below about any hobbies or activities you do in your free time?

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