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13 Essential Bow Hunting Tips for Beginners

13 Essential Bow Hunting Tips for Beginners

Archery is an ancient skill that originated in North America, and it has evolved over the years. Modern compound bows have now replaced the simple traditional wooden bows. Bow hunting is a professional sport that many archers relish during seasonal hunting games. If you are a beginner in bow hunting, then here are some tips to help you fine-tune your skills.

Choose the right accessories

Whether you are a beginner or more advanced in your skills, the right accessories such as a single pin slider, stabilizers, and the matched peep and pin guard improve your shooting and help increase your trajectory.

Shorten your release aid

Now, you should try avoiding pulling the trigger with the tip of your extended index finger. This tends to lengthen your release and causes you to slap at it. Instead, curl your index finger around the trigger around the middle joint to shorten your release and allow you to squeeze the trigger smoothly.

Practice with friends

As a beginner in bow hunting, it is best to set up some practice targets with your friends in your backyard. It will certainly help you combat nervousness and increase your confidence and accuracy.

Work on your form

Good form allows you to shoot your arrow better. Your feet should be shoulder-width apart and identify where your draw hand comfortably meets your face. Do not grip the bow handle too tightly, as this causes torque.

Be accurate

No matter how accurate the bow is, it will not perform well in the wrong hands. Be accurate and ensure that you can try to hit whatever you are aiming at. Again, practice will help you get better!

Always glance at your bubble level

The bubble level is an indication of torque and can’t, which are significant contributors to inaccuracy. Make a habit of checking your bubble level before you shoot.

Select longer, heavier bows

There is that myth that short and light bows help to kill your prey faster and are easy to carry around. That isn’t entirely true. Longer and heavier bows are easier to shoot accurately. However, a few short, light bows are still quite good.

Keep eyeing the arrow

Keep your eye on the shaft of the arrow through the sight-pin bracket until it hits the target. This prevents you from dropping your bow arm and promotes better follow-through.

Always select the right arrow

It is always essential to pick the right arrow for bowhunting. Well, you can always use an arrow kinetic energy calculator to help you select the right arrow that will deliver both speed and momentum to penetrate larger animals.

Sharpen your skills in low light

The best practice is either early morning before the sun rises or just before the sun sets when the light is low. This helps you learn where your maximum effective range lies.

Don’t trade accuracy for speed

Increasing your bow’s draw weight maximizes the arrow’s speed while lengthening the draw weight reduces the speed. Unless you are an experienced archer, do not compromise accuracy for speed.

Get it right the first time

Get yourself ready for the make-or-break shot by aiming for a specific target with a single hunting arrow until you can comfortably nail it.

Shoot while kneeling

Kneeling allows you to hide your form, sneak up on your prey and maintain proper form while shooting.

Wrap up

Shooting better boosts your confidence, increases your accuracy, and allows you to kill more prey. Becoming a skilled bow hunter takes lots of practice and identifying what techniques work best for you.  You can also find the right tools and people to help you improve your skills.

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