The Benefits of Solid Bronze Cotter Pins

The Benefits of Solid Bronze Cotter Pins

Why should you use solid bronze cotter pins for boat building instead of other materials? Not only will bronze and copper be able to withdraw the harsh conditions that you will find in marine environments – such as being underwater, succumbing to extreme wet and windy, and freezing cold temperatures – but the solid bronze pins will be able to last for multiple years, increasing the confidence the boatbuilder has in the final product.

Let’s see why you should use bronze for building, how it can increase the stability of your craft, and why it is superior when compared to other alternatives.

The benefits of using solid bronze cotter pins for boat building – check out the research here!

Although there have been discussions as to which material is the best for boat building – with comparisons between copper, bronze, aluminum, and other metals – typically bronze comes out on top. The top choices for boat building are typically solid bronze and copper alloy since copper and bronze both show high levels of resistance to the conditions of being in a marine environment, such as duration underwater, frequent wind, chemicals, and other elements.

  • Since metal copper is very flexible when it comes to the building process and can resist corrosion – increasing the durability – it is a top choice for boat building. When looking at the best copper alloys for boat building, there are a few prime choices, including solid bronze cotter pins, copper nickels, and other bronzes.


  • If you are using your boat in the open sea, then using solid bronze cotter pins is the way to go. Studies have been done which show that copper and aluminum bronze are typically the best options for these types of environments, since they have a higher resistance to elements that can wear down the exterior coatings on the boat.


  • Nickel aluminum bronze has one of the highest melting points when compared to other materials. The melting point of aluminum brass is only 971 degrees, whereas nickel aluminum bronze comes to 1075 degrees. This means that solid bronze cotter pins are a good option for boat building. In addition, the bronze is very dense and contains high levels of tensile strength – between 430 and 770 N/m^2 – increasing the durability and the long-lasting nature of the cotter pins in boat building.


  • When compared to other materials – especially brasses – bronze has a much higher level of resistance to ammonia.


  • High-tin bronze, such as solid bronze cotter pins, has a good level of resistance to pollution when compared to other materials that can be used for boat building, such as copper, alloys, and metals.


Are you building a boat? You may find that using solid bronze cotter pins is the best way to go so you can increase the durability, versatility, and strength of your boat. By using solid bronze cotter pins, you ensure that the boat can withstand the harsh marine environment. After all, taking the time to choose the correct materials in the boat building process is key to creating a confidence-inspiring and durable craft that can withstand multiple years underwater.

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