Great and Helpful Tips on How to Clean Floor Mats

Great and Helpful Tips on How to Clean Floor Mats

You can be extremely careful; however, your car floor mats can still take quite a beating. Car floor mats are the first interior defense against spills, mud, and snow. Therefore, they need extra attention than the rest of the interior.  This becomes especially important during the winters in Newtown Square. Discover how to clean car floor mats with us.


It all depends on the kind of floor mats you own, but you’ll need various sets of supplies:

Floor Mats Made of Rubber: A hose or a bucket of water, a vacuum, a stiff bristle brush, cleaner for rubber mats, a microfiber towel, and a place for your mats to hang to dry.

Mats Made of Carpet: Brush, hose, or a bucket of water, a vacuum, cleaner for mats made of carpet, a wet vac (if available), or a location to hang your mats to dry.

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Cleaning Floor Mats Made of Rubber

Take the floor mats made of rubber out of your car.  This is to stop your vehicle from getting water damage and give you the ease of access. Either shake out the rubber car mats or take a sturdy broom handle and beat them to remove surface debris. Rinse off the mats with clean water. Use a cleanser for the rubber mats and a stiff bristle brush to scrub away grime and residue safely and efficiently. Rinse the mats clean and dry with a microfiber towel or hang to dry. Do not replace the mats until they are completely dry.


Once again, remove the floor mats from your car. To get rid of the first layer of dirt, vacuum. Use a hose attachment if possible. Another option is to beat or shake the carpet floor mats against a hard surface. This can get rid of dust and smaller particles missed by a vacuum. Apply to your floor mats a cleaner designed for car carpet floor mats. Always closely follow the instructions of the particular cleaner you choose. The instructions are specific on treating your floor mats without causing damage. Scrub the mats to get rid of ground-in debris and stains.

Thoroughly rinse

If you have a wet vac, use it to help you dry the mats faster and get rid of additional dirt. Be conscious that hanging the mats can result in dripping. Hang your mats to dry. That mats need to be completely dry before you put them in your vehicle.  Otherwise, you could encounter mold, mildew, and damage to your car.

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