What Does the Ideal Kid Bedroom Look Like?
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What Does the Ideal Kid Bedroom Look Like?

A child-friendly home typically focuses on safety. As a parent, you want to make the place safer for young children to walk around, including removing sharp objects, protecting open plug sockets, and adding padding to furniture corners. However, while safety is a huge part of making a home child-friendly, creating a place they can call their own, the bedroom, matters just as much. What should the ideal kid bedroom décor include? Many parents dedicate a lot of attention to creating an attractive nursery room. But they can lack imagination or guidance when it comes to turning the nursery into a functional bedroom.

What Does the Ideal Kid Bedroom Look Like?

What goes on the walls?

Young children prefer patterned wallpapers that can bring exciting shapes into their décor. Indeed, wallpapers are a great choice for little ones as they can help develop their alertness and vocabulary. Wallpapers with animals, for instance, are a fantastic option for toddlers and young children, as they will learn the animal’s names and inspire their imagination. Similarly, friendly characters can also make it easier for children to relax and engage with their surroundings.

Older children and teenagers will prefer painted walls. They want to have a say in the décor, choosing the colors. Teenagers often want to be involved in the redecorating process, painting their walls as a way of marking their territory.

Create an accent wall

Accent walls are typically seen in communal areas such as the living room. But, they are an exciting addition to a bedroom décor. You can help them create a gallery wall, where they can hang their favorite photos in Plein air frames, for example.

For painted rooms, creating geometric patterns using paint and Frog tape can create wonderful-looking results that bring the room together. They do not require as much work as you might think. However, geometric walls do need time, as you will have to paint each layer separately and wait for the color to dry before working on the next shape. The good news: There are plenty of geometric wall tutorials on YouTube to get started.

A study corner

As soon as your child is in age of receiving homework at school, they should have a study corner in the bedroom. The typical desk and chair set is just the beginning. You can help them memorize their lessons by providing a canvas for them to write or pin important information. Chalkboard walls are hugely popular for young children, but they also make a great study corner for older kids. You can also add a few coats of magnetic paint, so your child can hang documents and photos using magnets.

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