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6 Unique Ways to Surprise Your Kids for Their Birthday

6 Unique Ways to Surprise Your Kids for Their Birthday

Your kid’s birthday is a special occasion that comes once every year. Children and family wait for a whole year to celebrate that special day with friends, family, and relatives. As the birthday approaches, the excitement of receiving gifts becomes unbearable for the young one.

However, in addition to gifts, you can try to make their big day even more special with a few fun surprises. You can try out these six unique ways to make your kid’s birthday a more awe-inspiring one.

1) Hire A Party Bus

Every child loves to ride on a party bus or a luxury limo. If you wish to surprise your kid on their birthday, taking them on a city tour using a bus would be amazing. Your kid will have more fun touring the city with a luxury coach.

The party buses are great for large groups of more than ten people. Therefore, if you want to hold a big party for your kid, a party bus is ideal for you. Ensure that you check out rental marketplace such as Party Bus Rent who offers couches that are friendly for kids. It is a bus rental marketplace that will ensure you get the best bus for affordable prices. Their bus parties will ensure your kid enjoys every moment during the ride.

2) Tasty Treats

Another way to surprise your kids during their birthday is by cooking something special for them. For breakfast, cook your child’s favorite food. While setting the table, include hats that everyone will wear during breakfast. Serve breakfast waffles, muffins, or pancakes with a candle on top.

Another alternative is to take your kid for breakfast at their favorite restaurant. Invite some of their best friends and have them yell “surprise” when your child enters the restaurant.

3) Birthday Surprises Messages

Consider surprising your kid with happy birthday messages everywhere in the house. Hide happy birthday messages in their school lunchbox or in the refrigerator to see it when they open it, in their clothes drawers, in the cabinets, and in their backpack.

Take note of what your child loves doing after school. For instance, if the kid loves being outside, write a chalk birthday message on the trampoline. You can imagine the happiness on their face upon seeing the trampoline. Ensure that you put messages anywhere your kid will see it on their birthday.

4) Have A Lunch Together

No matter how busy you are, free some time to have lunch with your kid on their special day. Take time from work and just sit down for lunch with your kid without distractions. Ensure you make it a no-device lunch so that you can talk to each other without surfing the internet. The place you choose does not have to be expensive, just a simple lunch. Lunch is all about spending time together with your child on their birthday.

5) Make A Countdown Chain And Mention Their Age

You and your kid can construct a celebration countdown chain using paper, say 30 days before their big day. To pull this off, make 30 links in the chain, and each day get rid of one link. Children enjoy watching the chain get smaller since they know that as the chain reduces, their big day is near.

Kids love aging, and their age is something very close to their hearts. Ensure you wear the number of their age on your face using face paints. Also, mention their age on balloons, on the bathroom tiles, or the house’s walls. Creating a big birthday number in the yard will make your kid more excited.

6) Create Memories

The best gifts to give your child are those that can last and hold memories with them. One way to surprise your kid on their big day is to get them something they would have never expected. Ensure that you work hard to make it a part of their life and then allow them to enjoy it fully.

Great experiences make the best memories, and when you keep that in mind, you will be able to find something your kid can enjoy forever. Once you accomplish this, a feeling comes from it that cannot be matched with anything, which is highly beneficial for everyone in the family.

The above are six unique, fun ways to surprise your kid on their birthday. Remember, it is not what you do that makes your kid feel special on their birthday, but it is how you do it. Everything that you do should show your kid how much you love them.

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