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What We Should Take With Us on a Zipline Adventure at Whistler

What We Should Take With Us on a Zipline Adventure at Whistler

You can have both Winter zipline and Summer zipline adventures. Both are adrenalin-fueled and provide some impressive views. You will need to take the same things with you for both, to satisfy the requirements of ziplining.

A Zipline adventure in Whistler can be described as a fun one. However, although fun adventures can be spontaneous, there are also ones that do require you to think in advance about how to make the experience more comfortable and about the ways to protect yourself. With this in mind, we will consider just what you should take with you when going on a Winter zipline adventure.


We should protect ourselves with sunscreen when going on a zipline adventure. You might wonder why in the snow you need to, but there are reasons that we will explain.

You will need to wear stronger sunscreen for winter sports because snow and ice will reflect UV rays. It is therefore recommended that you wear an EltaMD sunscreen product that has an SPF of between 30 and 50. This will help protect you when it is more than solely a sunny situation.


You might have snow goggles for snowboarding and skiing, but sunglasses should be sufficient for ziplining. They are lighter to wear than goggles and can be fitted to your prescription. They are ideal for those who wear spectacles. Even for those who do not need to wear anything to improve their eyesight, sunglasses are essential for the snow.

There is such a thing as snow blindness and so it is important to wear sunglasses at high altitudes where the UV rays will be strongest. Snow blindness or sunburned eyes will cause a temporary loss of vision which can be prevented by wearing sunglasses.

Correct Footwear

It is a requirement that those who are ziplining should wear closed-toe shoes. These will make you more comfortable when it comes to landing at the other end of the zipline.

You should avoid completely footwear such as sandals, flip flops, or any open-toe shoe. The main thing is that you should have your toes covered. That is the requirement.

Phone or Camera Holder

You will want to take your phone or a camera to take pictures of your ziplining adventure, but you should not carry it in your hands. You will need them free to descend. It is also not recommended to put your phone on a lanyard around your neck as you could end up strangling yourself. A camera attached to a helmet will prove ideal for taking action photographs of your sky-descending adventure. Alternatively, a wrist strap for your camera might be the solution.


It is good to find out about your location in advance. So, find out as much as there is to know about Whistler and how there are those that zipline there as well as snowboard and ski. The snow provides a magnificent backdrop as do the views below as you descend on a zipline to the other side of a mountain.

Items to Avoid

As much as there are items to remember, there are also items to avoid having in your possession when on a zipline experience. This would be anything loose that can fall off you. This will mean leaving things like rings off. Should you lose them below and, in the snow, there will be no finding them again.

We can enjoy our snowy zipline adventure more when we bear in mind what we should and should not take with us. The essential items to take will include those that offer protection from UV rays for our eyes and our skin, and the correct footwear for a comfortable zipline landing.

Also, we should think about what we are going to do with the camera that will take our magnificent pictures and be a record of our daring experience. We need to have our hands as free as possible to help us with the activity. It is still possible to take pictures, though, when we think out how to hold our camera. You often see those involved in extreme sports, for this reason, wear a helmet on their head that is fitted with a camera. This will take care of either still or moving pictures.

Finally, do your research so that you know exactly what to expect when you arrive at Whistler, BC. It will help you to know that you have the right accessories to enjoy your experience to the full and have no worries in that direction. You can then give ziplining maximum attention as you enjoy the amazing views throughout the experience.

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