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8 Simple Ways to Block the Neighbor

8 Simple Ways to Block the Neighbor

Won’t it be completely inappropriate being constantly under someone’s surveillance? Moreover, things completely take a new turn when this someone becomes your neighbor. SO, now the question arises, OK! It would be inappropriate, but what next? How to block the view without spending in excess?

To answer this, here are eight useful ways that shall completely obstruct your neighbor’s direct view. Let’s begin with number one on the list:

1. Install Metal Fence

Fencing appears to be the most efficient and realistic way which one can use to deal with these circumstances. It not only hinders the view but adds to your overall home security. One can always opt-in between metal and wooden fencing depending upon his budget.

The added benefit of metal fencing is, they are much affordable than wooden ones and add to the overall beauty of the patio. But the main problem with metal fences is that it needs regular maintenance. So as long you keep being vigilant and prevent oxidization, they are good to be used.

2. Using Outdoor Screens

It’s important to understand every person is completely different from others. Some are nosey, and some keep to themselves. For someone having a nosey neighbor metal fence won’t be as highly beneficial as installing outdoor screens.

This way, you could keep a nosey neighbor at a distance while providing a permanent shade to your patios. Outdoor screens are a piece of cloth attached to metal frames, making them highly portable.

3. Grow Long Grasses

One can always let nature do its job. The most budget-friendly solution to your problem would be to do nothing and let tall grasses protect you from your neighbors. The only thing that matters here is to plant the right kind of plants which add much to greenery and require little to NO maintenance.

4. Grow Hedges

As the name says, Hedges is one of the most planted plants for privacy purposes. What makes them unique is the way they grow. These are border plants that grow in a straight upright column shape. However, the minor drawback which comes with it some people find living with them as trapped inside prison cells. If that’s the case with you, one can always opt for soft trees or structures. Trust us, it would be highly appealing.

5. Add Vines

Growing Italian Cyprus trees (Hedges) or tall grasses might be quite common. Wish to have something new and creative? Instead of hedges or grasses, the best alternative would be to use vines and add to the privacy of your patio or yard.

6. Use Trellis

The best aspect of adapting trellis is they can be ornamental to your privacy. Trellis is mostly clubbed with vines and beautiful plants. Hence, switching over trellis seems like a fair deal and also a valuable addition to the overall deck or patio’s privacy.

7. Use Lattice Screens

Lattice screens are the best option to look for, especially for someone having budget constraints. The cheapest and durable option to protect you from your neighbor’s poky nose is blocking his/her field of view with Lattice Screen.

Being biodegradable, lattice screens are also easy to dispose of. The wooden finish resembles a more natural and more hygienic option than all the other barricades. Flexibility, ease in setting up, and coming in different shapes and sizes have widened the scope of production and sale of the product.

8. Use Overhead Shade

Out of all, a special case exists where most of the other described methods fail abruptly if your neighbor is living in more than a two-story building. For someone finding himself stuck in a dilemma, could always consider overhead shades.

The two most important aspects of overhead shade are apart from protecting two-story neighbors is that of soothing with comfort and cool breeze it offers during summers.


Being social is a must to survive. But when reaches a level that your sociality affects someone’s personality and privacy, that’s when people begin calling you too nosy. Unfortunately, one can’t say ‘you are nosy’ directly. Hence to let another know, instead of saying directly, one can opt for silhouette shades or other available barricades to express your feelings.

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