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4 Gift Ideas Your Husband Will Love for Christmas

4 Gifts Ideas Your Husband Will Love for Christmas

As a father, we will do any and everything possible for our kids to have anything they need. While doing that, we tend to not worry so much about things we may want. I’ll be honest, when my kids were younger, I would never go shopping for myself. I’d buy the essentials, clothing and shoes every now and then, but that was it. With my oldest two being adults and the youngest finishing up her junior year in high school that has changed. I’m more focused on my appearance and buying things I would like for the first time in over 20 years. Trend Him is one spot where they have anything guys would like to have. Last year, they were mentioned when looking for anniversary gifts for your husband. Check out 4 gift ideas your husband will love for Christmas from Trend Him.

New Watch

4 Gifts Ideas Your Husband Will Love for Christmas

4 Gifts Ideas Your Husband Will Love for Christmas

Who wouldn’t love to add a new watch to their collection? The Casio Blue Watch from Trend Him was added to my collection last year. The watch is beautiful, and it brings out anything blue I’m wearing which is often. This year, I’ve added the Aidan Mace Moonphase Watch from Arkai. The watch is amazing, and people will take notice instantly on how nice it is. The first thing that caught my attention instantly was the box it came in. Arkai made an amazing watch and seeing the moon inside it was the icing on the cake. The reliable moon phase, scratch-resistant sapphire glass and stainless steel links cap off the valuable watch. The Aidan Mace Moonphase watch is well worth the money.

New Wallet

My dad was someone that collected wallets or at least he had several different kinds. When becoming an adult that was one thing, I got from him and that’s my love for wallets. Trend Him has various kinds of wallets for you to choose from. They also have wallet chains, card holders and money clips also. The Lucleon Black Slim California Leather wallet is exactly my style. The wallet is spacious, slim and will accommodate all the cards that I carry around. The wallet is perfect for me, but with their variety of wallets they have you will find the perfect one.


Bracelets have become really popular over the last few years. Trend Him has more than 500 in stock so you will most likely find many that you’ll like, or you can also check for a huge variety of them. You can find what you want by material, wrist size, brand, and color. The Black on Black Bracelet set is probably my favorite as of now. When browsing and looking at other bracelets there were at least 15 more I would want.

Shaving Accessories

Being someone that shaves around twice a week I’m always looking for more accessories. Grooming is very important to me. Honestly, I have enough shaving cream and aftershave to last me another year. Trend Him do have a couple of items that I would love to add to my collection that I don’t have. The Metal Shaving Bowl and Rosewood Modern Pure Badger Shaving Brush. Right now, I’m just adding shaving cream to my hand and lather it that way. Having those two items would make it feel like the barbershop when I was younger.


Those are four things I would love and I’m sure husbands everywhere would like also. If not, Trend Him have so much to choose from I know he’ll choose more than 4 items. What do you think about the items that I picked out? Check out the site and see what some items are you would like as a Christmas gift.

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