The Basics Explained on How to Stop Toddler From Crying

The Basics Explained on How to Stop Toddler From Crying

Do you have a toddler that just won’t stop crying? Are you unsure of what to do to help them or help you?

While this can be a very stressful experience, you should know you’re not alone. Many parents are in the same position as you and know precisely what you’re going through.

There are some tips you can try to help tone down the crying, giving you both some peace.

Keep reading to learn the secrets on how to make a toddler stop crying.

Offer Discipline

Your toddler is old enough to understand basic discipline, especially when it consists of you taking away attention. While they may not understand a lecture you provide, by ignoring their outbursts, you are demonstrating that their negative behavior results in less attention, not more.

Instead of giving in to their crying and giving them more attention, try putting them in a secluded area for a “time out.”

While you will most likely get extreme protests at first, eventually, they will realize that negative actions equal less attention.

Handling toddlers can seem complicated, but often all you need to do is take away the thing they value most: your attention.

Provide Choices

If your toddler cannot stop whining, consider offering them choices. This is the time when they are learning to separate themselves as private beings from their parents, and with that comes the desire for control.

Instead of insisting that they eat something for dinner, provide a few choices for them to choose from. When it’s bath time, allow them to choose between pajama choices.

Giving them a sense of control can often stop them from crying, especially if they have difficulty with bath time, bedtime, or mealtimes.

Choose to Play

Sometimes, the best parenting advice you could receive is to stop and play.

Engaging with your toddler and playing with them can help increase their attention span and encourage independent play.

If they seem incredibly fussy or cranky, consider doing something hands-on with them, such as finger painting or dancing to upbeat music. This will help distract them and guide their minds onto a new, more positive path.

Evaluate Naptime

By the time your child is a toddler, they may not need naptime anymore.

When figuring out how to stop a toddler from crying, you should evaluate how they act at bedtime.

If you find there are more tantrums and outbursts at bedtime, you may want to consider cutting out their nap. On the other hand, if they are constantly breaking down around 2 pm, they may still need that afternoon nap.

There is no one set rule for naps, so paying attention to your child’s actions is the best way to determine their nap necessities.

Use These Tips to Learn How to Make a Toddler Stop Crying

Now you know how to make a toddler stop crying, so use the tips above next time you’re in such a situation. Remember, crying toddlers are just as stressed out as you are, so take it easy and do your best to give them what they need.

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