Daddy’s Hangout 2021 Holiday Gift Guide
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Daddy’s Hangout 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Daddy’s Hangout 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

2021 is almost in the books and it definitely has been an eventful year. We are still dealing with Covid as the numbers begin to rise again forcing games to be postponed or cancelled. Unfortunately, the Covid bug hit my family in the month of October. We made it through after 4 weeks of being sick and now we are gearing up for the holiday season. This year I’ve had the pleasure of trying out some great items and there’s some that’s still on my wish list. I’ll be honest, with my kids being older and doing things for themselves I took care of myself. Through all the ups and downs, we were all blessed in 2021 and hoping it continues into the new year. Below are some wonderful things you will see included in my 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Men like in 2020.



Oddict Earbuds

Daddy’s Hangout 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

We all know that my love for music is something I’ve shared many times over the years. Technology is something that’s always interested me also seeing how things continue to advance. The Oddict Earbuds will make a great gift for the dads that love music. We listen to music at the gym, just relaxing at home, work or going on a walk. The Oddict Earbuds look nice to start off with and they also have upgraded technology. You can download the Oddict app to control the equalizer because we all clamor for that quality sound. In the past, I’ve had earbuds and didn’t like them because they always fall out of my ears. With the Oddict Earbuds, that’s not a problem at all anymore. Here’s 3 reasons why you should purchase the Oddict Earbuds and that’s why they’re a part of my 2021 Holiday Gift Guide.


Daddy’s Hangout 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Speaking of the newest technology, we have the LumiCharge device. Once again, this is another tie-in to something that deals with music also. The LumiCharge is another device that uses the latest technology. This is a 4-in-1 voice controlled LED lamp and it does much more. The LumiCharge operates as a universal phone charger, so it doesn’t matter if you have an Android or Apple phone. The LED light is perfect to use as a night light or a lamp. The Bluetooth speaker is great if you want to listen to music and charge your phone at the same time. You can use the app, Google Assistant or Alexa to control everything with your voice which is really awesome. These are 4 reasons why you should buy the LumiCharge for yourself or even your kids. The LumiCharge is a must for my 2021 Holiday Gift Guide.


Things to Wear


New Watch

Daddy’s Hangout 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Who doesn’t like a new time piece for your wrist for Christmas? For me, I’m an avid watch collector and always looking for something to new to add to the collection. The Aidan Mace Moonphase Watch from Arkai is one nice watch. The watch is amazing, and people will take notice instantly on how nice it is. The first thing that caught my attention instantly was the box it came in. Arkai made an amazing watch and seeing the moon inside it was the icing on the cake. The reliable moon phase, scratch-resistant sapphire glass and stainless steel links cap off the valuable watch. The Aidan Mace Moonphase watch is well worth the money. This was one of the nice gift ideas for the guys from Trend Him that would make a great Christmas gift.

Customized Jersey

Throughout the years, I’ve had my fair share of sports jerseys. In my closet you will see baseball, basketball, and football from either collegiate or the pros. They all have one thing in common and that’s they are from actual teams. If you know a dad that loves sports also, how about getting him a nice, customized jersey? Fans Idea is the site where you can put your imagination to the test. They have baseball, basketball, hockey, and football jerseys. You can even customize a new cap, basketball shorts or even a hoodie seeing winter is upon us. The best part is that it’s not going to cost an arm and a leg to customize one. If your husband is a sports fan look into a jersey for him.


Daddy’s Hangout 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

Do you remember growing up and all the socks you had were the long, tube socks? Maybe I’m telling my age with that one, but those things still give me nightmares. As a young adult, the only socks I had were white and a few pair of dressy socks. Nowadays, your sock game has to be on par with your entire fit. Society Socks is the best place to purchase your next pair of stylist socks. They literally have every color pattern imaginable that would match your wardrobe. You can get some with animals, stripes, polka dots and many more to choose from. The best part about buying from Society Socks is that you are also helping the community in the process. With every pair you purchase, they donate to a local homeless shelter. Society Socks also work with various volunteer groups to help out those in need.

Black, White Grey Jordan 1s Low

My daughters have gotten me becoming a sneaker head once again. My oldest daughter has been a sneaker head for a few years now. My youngest daughter started about a year ago and it has now rubbed off on me. Before football season, I bought a pair of the Pine Green and Black Jordan 1 Retro Highs. The reason for that purchase is because the Eagles were coming to Atlanta, and I knew it’ll go with my gear. Afterwards, my next purchase was the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG ‘Shadow 2.0’ sneakers. My latest purchase was something simple and it was the classic Reebok with the bubble gum bottom. For Christmas, the black, white and grey Jordan 1s Low was a gift to me. They match everything in my wardrobe, and this would make a great gift for dads.


Skin Care and Health



CBO oil is something I’ve used for years and something I’d recommend everyone to look into. Fortunately, I’ve been blessed to have nothing but great experiences with all the brands I’ve used. Hemp Therapies is the one I’ve had the luxury to start using. Hemp Therapies is known for manufacturing some of the best CBD oils available today. They had so many to choose from, but I went with three different kinds of CBD oil from Hemp Therapies. The first was the Full Spectrum 3,000mg, CBD in Black Seed Oil, 1oz/30ml. We all know the great benefits of Black Seed Oil, but it’s even better with CBD oil. The Full Spectrum 3,000mg, CBD in MCT Oil, 1oz/30ml was my second choice. When you combine CBD oil with Medium Chain Triglycerides, you reap the benefits immediately.

Broad Spectrum 3,600mg, CBG/CBN/CBD in MCT Oil, 1oz/30ml was the final one that I had the privilege of trying out. The convenient and effective this breakthrough technology encapsulates the essence of each into an easily-absorbed extract. 100% Farm Bill Compliant, Broad Spectrum, Zero THC, naturally occurring Cannabinoids and it comes with worldwide shipping. All orders from Hemp Therapies comes with a certificate of analysis verifying third-party testing.


Over the past several years, we have saw an influx of guys taking their skincare seriously. Now that I’m in my mid-40s, I’m beginning to look at ways to help slow down signs of aging. Over the last couple of years, I’ve been keeping my skin hydrated. During that time, I’ve dumped the sodas and drink water all the time. With those changes, I’m still in need of something to help even more. Skin Deva has this ferulic acid serum that helps out your skin tremendously. Are you suffering from unwanted Hyperpigmentation, acne scars and dark spots making your skin uneven? The Vitamin C E Ferulic Acid serum a powerful antioxidant to lighten the dark spots, treat hyperpigmentation, discoloration, acne scars and even aging.


Daddy’s Hangout 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

I’m sure that dad works a lot whether it’s blogging, on a job or staying at home. When you add things he does around the house, plus the yardwork he’s probably really sore. After a long week, especially when I’m not resting right my neck area is hurting. In the past, I’d spend money to go to get a massage, but sometimes that doesn’t do the trick. The Huggaroo neck wrap aromatherapy filled with clay beads, flax seeds, lavender, peppermint, chamomile, and lemongrass. You can either have it hot or cold depending on how you want it. For me, when it’s warm you can feel the wrap doing its work instantly. You place on a clean, dry plate and microwave for 1 min and 30 sec the very first time you use the wrap. The wrap feels great, and it also have an amazing and fresh smell to it.

Other Gifts That Would Be Great


Atlanta Braves 2021 World Series Collection Set

Daddy’s Hangout 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

The Atlanta Braves won their first World Series since 1995, which was a long time ago. With all the injuries and setbacks, the Braves faced, they put it all together to win the championship. You can relieve this amazing run for years to come by getting the 2-Disc Blu-Ray/DVD combo. You can visit my site and enter for your chance to get your very own copy.

NBA Book

For Basketball Fans Everywhere: Seventy-Five

If you follow the NBA like me, then you know they’re celebrating their 75th anniversary this season. The NBA released a very controversial top 75 players to ever play in the league. To mark the 75th anniversary of the NBA, prolific sports reporter and pioneer NBA statistician Dave Heeren released a book. The title is Seventy-Five: Best NBA Players and Teams Rated by Statistician who has Seen Games Since 1947. Heeren is known worldwide for his TENDEX rating system — the gold standard for ranking players, projecting drafts, and rating the best teams in the NBA. He has also witnessed all 75 years of the NBA through his work as a team statistician for the New York Knicks, writing books, doing columns for The Sporting News and just his love of the game since he was a child. Who is the greatest? Check out the book here.

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