3 Common Substance Abuse Triggers an Addict Must Avoid

3 Common Substance Abuse Triggers an Addict Must Avoid

Battling with addiction is challenging for several reasons, and one of the prime reasons is the potential and fear of relapse. However, we believe that healing originates in Jesus Christ, and prayer is the tool that he has given us to begin the process of healing.

When dealing with an addiction, it is not easy to predict a specific reason that might cause you to relapse. It could be a sad event in your life, a problem in a relationship, or something emotional you can’t deal with. For all these reasons and the ones mentioned below, you must find common ways that endanger the process of your recovery.

However, the good news is, you can avoid many of these triggers with plan and support. Additionally, when your triggers are unknown, you should find the problems affecting your progress.

Here are three common motivations for relapse that could affect the process of your recovery. Have a look:

1.  Alcohol Abuse

Sadly, happy times can lead you to relapse, mainly when celebrations include temptations like alcohol. It might be possible for you to avoid some events, but you can’t dodge them all.  And more than often, you’ll find yourself in an event full of potential triggers like booze and smoke.

So, to make sure that you don’t become a victim of these substances, bring your partner or a friend to have your back. Depending on the level of comfort you have with your companion, you can get through a tempting situation unharmed.

When you think all else is failing, find refuge in Jesus Crist’s teachings, and you’ll indeed find a way to avoid these triggers. It’s because prayer is the most powerful tool when you need help and support from the lord. And when you follow a Christian addiction recovery program, coping with your trigger becomes a lot easier.

2.  Drug Problems

This trigger could occur within a friendship, your marriage, family relationships, or in a working partnership. It could be possible that you dealt with these problems before addiction recovery by taking drugs or other harmful substances, but now you have to find new ways to cope with these problems.

So now, to deal with these issues, start by avoiding tense relationship problems. Please consult with a counselor and try to sort out your issues with the help of a professional. Your counselor can give you some helpful advice to help you with your addiction recovery.

3.  Loneliness

Boredom or loneliness is severely dangerous if you are fighting an addiction. For instance, many people with eating disorders consume excessive food out of boredom, which causes them more harm than good. Additionally, boredom can make your mind wander to “what if” situations which could transform itself into a potential trigger.

If you are not aware of the harmful effects of boredom, you may once again find yourself in the clutches of your addiction. Therefore, beware of the danger of loneliness and boredom, and find productive ways to keep yourself busy.

To Sum it Up

When you have been a substance abuser trying to recover, you should avoid all the reasons that can push you back to your addiction. For this reason, you must become aware of your triggers and effective ways to prevent them.

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