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5 Ways on How to Play A Coach To Your Kid’s Sports Team

5 Ways on How to Play A Coach To Your Kid's Sports Team

If you are a sports-loving dad, you will love the idea of coaching your kid’s sports team. It is a great way to indulge in your passion and spend quality time with your child. But handling a sports team is a big responsibility, and it becomes more daunting before the personal connection. You must deal with feelings and ensure you are not biased. At the same time, you need to be a mentor your child and the team can look up to. Not to mention, you must fulfil their expectations by helping them achieve their goals. Here are some tips to help you become the best coach for your kid’s sports team.

Have the right mindset

Before diving in as a daddy coach, you need to cultivate the right mindset. Your role requires some basics, such as being positive and giving attention to everyone on the team. For a parent, it can be hard to find the balance between your roles. You cannot be too gentle with your kid but try not to be too hard as well. Make sure that you are only a mentor once in the field. Also, games shouldn’t get carried home.

Be delicate with discipline

When training kids, you have to be delicate with discipline. Being loud does not ensure that you will be heard. It is the worst way to handle and train young minds. If they fail to follow the rules, talk it out first. Devise simple punishment measures like making them run a lap or two or extending practice hours for them. Also, let it be the same for every kid in the team, including yours.

Give every child a chance to succeed

Being a daddy coach can pressurize you as others may think you are unfair. Prove them wrong by giving every team member a chance to succeed. Be strategic while putting together a line-up, ensuring that even inexperienced players get the opportunity to play. You can seek advice from a sports consultant to build a dream team. Stick with it for the big matches but bring marginal players in for smaller games. Whatever you do, ensure that everyone is equal on the field.

Psych them up

Making kids give their best in the field requires more than teaching them skills and tactics. It is also about psyching them up to keep the motivation levels on the top. Being preachy is not the best way to inspire them, so look for better ways to get them in full swing. Consider creative reward programs such as giving them a pizza treat or handing down homemade certificates after a big win.

Manage the parents

If you decide to coach your child’s team, be prepared to manage other parents as well. They may have objections or suggestions you don’t need. The best you can do is open the lines of communication and be receptive to their suggestions. You can reason out with them if they seem to be adamant. Simply speaking, try to get them on your side rather than be on the opposite side.

Being a daddy coach is tricky, but you can be successful with the right approach and mindset. Follow these tips, and you will do wonders in both roles.

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