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Alternative Ingredients for Healthy Desserts for Children

Alternative Ingredients for Healthy Desserts for Children

As a father and a parent, we want to shower our children with the best of the best. When it comes to desserts, you might think that the most decadent, rich, and oozy desserts mean that you are getting them the best, but it is not so. We need to incorporate healthy habits into our children right from the start. This means that healthier alternatives and substitutes in sweets and desserts can make a huge difference in their life. It will also help maintain their health. Remind them to keep everything in moderation and try to use healthier alternatives while making dessert. Here are some of the best substitutes that you can use for desserts.

Use Dark Chocolate Instead of Milk

Dark chocolate is an acquired taste. If you keep putting milk chocolate in your desserts, your child will never like dark chocolate. Instead, you can try to use at least 70% or higher dark chocolate in all recipes so that they acquire the taste and learn to have it in moderation. The nutrients derived from cacao such as magnesium, calcium, and iron are more prevalent in dark chocolate than milk ones. It can give you a ton of antioxidants as well if it is in moderation.

Use Sugarcane Derivatives for Sugar

We all know how much sugar can go into just one cake or a batch of brownies. Excessive sugar leads to an excess of insulin in your body. It can also lead to childhood obesity if you do not keep a check on it. Using zero calorie sweetener instead of using a ton of sugar can help cut back on the glycemic index. This is also a safer alternative for children dealing with diabetes.

Use Greek Yogurt Instead of Butter

Butter is used in recipes to introduce air into baked goods. It is responsible for the fluffiness of all our end products. You can try to substitute this with full-fat Greek yogurt. This not only adds a lot of protein to your desserts, but it will also help keep the baked goods moist and fluffy, just like butter. It will also add some extra sweetness and a bit of a tangy flavor to your recipes. You can try low-fat yogurts if you feel that the baked goods are too decadent, but full fat will definitely work best.

Use Applesauce Instead of Oil

Some recipes call for a lot of oil in order to make them moist and smooth. You can easily swap this out for applesauce in almost any recipe. The ratio is mostly 1:1, meaning that if you need one cup of oil, you will replace it with one cup of applesauce. You can choose to start with a lower quantity so that it does not change the chemistry of the dessert too much. This goes best in desserts such as banana muffins, oatmeal cookies, and even banana bread.

It is important to swap out heavy ingredients with healthier ones right from the start in order to keep your children fit and healthy.

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