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4 Things to Consider When Buying Your New Perfect Wallet

4 Things to Consider When Buying Your New Perfect Wallet


The trend of carrying a variety of items with you on a daily basis has grown in popularity over the years. Known as your everyday carry (or EDC for short) the term quickly became a popular term thanks to the likes of Reddit (and the subreddit /r/EDC) and popular websites like But there’s one piece of kit that seems to get overlooked especially considering its necessity in everyday life. This is without question the most popular item men carry with them daily and will probably remain so for many years to come.

We’re of course talking about the trusty men’s wallets and items that’s graced the pockets of men for hundreds of years. And it’s with that history, I ask this question to you. Are you carrying around the best possible wallet for your needs? What makes a good wallet, and what options are there in this crowded marketplace?

What type of wallet suits your needs?

It’s surprising, but wallets tend to come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes. Depending on your needs, this will play a huge part in dictating which wallet is right for you. The first step in deciding on a new wallet is down to you, how you use your wallet, how much you store, and whether you want something that’s slim and compact or large with unlimited storage capacity.

Think of your dad’s wallet – The Traditional Bi-fold style. This wallet has been the most popular style of wallet since wallets came into existence. But they generally fall on the larger size and can cause issues with bulk and even back pain when not stored correctly. Alternatively, you have the likes of cardholders, which although can store considerably less, have a comfortable feel in the pocket and avoid the previously mentioned back pain that can develop over time.

The Material of Choice

Again, gone are the days where the likes of leather are the only material options available to you. The twenty-first century, and the advent of the internet, has seen the rise of some innovative new wallet brands that use unusual, untypical, materials such as metal, plastic, and even wood. The highly popular Ridge Wallet, made from metal with a slim design, recently became the most popular brand of Wallet in the world which goes to show no people’s need to slim down their everyday carry.

Much like a wallet size, the material you choose will have a huge influence on the type of person you are. For example, metal lets can only really be slim in size due to the restraints of such a hardy material. The likes of more flexible materials like leather or elastic can be shaped and designed in a whole host of different ways allowing for more variety and flexibility in design.

The Functionality of Each Wallet

Both the size of a wallet and its material will have a big influence on how much it will be able to store. A general rule of thumb is the bigger the wallet the more space it’ll have to carry more credit/debit cards, cash, and anything else you may need. Alternatively, the same goes in reverse. These so-called minimalist wallets now dominate the market. Society moves further and further away from physical cash and towards debit and even contactless payments, the need for larger wallets is dwindling. Blog and e-commerce store ‘All The Wallets’ talk in detail about this exact issue in their article The Best Minimalist Wallets and recommends some of the most popular brands in 2022.

But the functionality of wallets isn’t limited to just cash and cards. A huge variety of men’s wallets now allow for the storage of a huge variety of items. Going on holiday? Then a passport or travel wallet might be best for you. Often lose your wallet or conscious of it being stolen? Then perhaps a Smart Wallet is best that can track its GPS location through your smartphone. The options are nearly endless!

Price Tag and Value for Money

Wallets can be a tricky item to purchase mainly down to the fact of the wide variety of different price points wallets can come in. Two wallets that look near identical can come in at astronomically different prices from as low as $10.00 up to thousands of dollars for the very designer brands.

Because of this, it can be tricky to gauge whether or not the wallet in question is value for money or if it’s simply better to go with a more affordable option. Of course, your individual budget is always going to dictate your final choice. Nevertheless, sometimes it can be rewarding to pay a little bit extra for that guarantee of quality. In my experience, wallets on the cheaper side tend to gravitate towards low-quality materials and craftsmanship. This means the wallets will degrade much faster over time meaning you’ll have to replace it with a new one much sooner.


If you’re anything like me, you probably finish this article with more questions and answers. If that’s the case, then I’ll leave you with this. When searching for the perfect wallet make sure to always consider what you dislike about your current wallet. Think about whether it feels too large in your pocket, or whether there’s empty space for unused card slots. Use this as a starting point when discovering new brands.

Check out what the current market for wallet offers whether it be discovering a new material (metal, elastic, or even a wide range of recycled materials), or a feature which your current wallet doesn’t have that you may get benefits from (GPS Tracking, a coin or zipper pocket, Multi-Tool Storage, etc..).

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