What Information Should Agents Include in Postcards for Open Houses?

What Information Should Agents Include in Postcards for Open Houses?

What Information Should Agents Include in Postcards for Open Houses?

Including the correct information for your real estate postcards is always critical. For open houses, however, the specifics matter even more. You not only want to ensure that your readers can find the open houses, but that they remain interested in the possibility of purchasing the property. To create these emotional effects, you need your postcards to include the correct information to intrigue readers.

Marketing efforts should strike a healthy balance between persuading potential customers and letting them come to their own decisions. When you advertise in this indirect and sometimes nonchalant way, you create a “take it or leave it” kind of attitude. This tone prompts people to consider your offerings more seriously.

Attempts to oversell create tension between agents and buyers, which you want to avoid. Using the correct phrases and information can intrigue potential buyers more effectively. If you’re interested in crafting postcards for open houses, read on to learn what information to include in your postcards.

1.  Info to Include on Postcards For Open Houses

First and foremost, you want to include the details of the open house itself on your postcards for open houses. Include the address of the house, when the open house begins and ends, and the listing price of the home. You may also wish to include some enticing details of the property.

If the property is on a great deal of land, contains a pool, or has an indoor-outdoor sunroom, you want to include these as key features of the property on your postcards for open houses; these features will intrigue visitors.

2. The Necessary Details

Once you have provided the basic information, it’s time to focus on the tone of your postcards for open houses. A good way to balance persuasion and casually sharing information is to speak with clarity. When you create your postcards, be concise with your information. The customer should feel informed, not bombarded with endless information about the property.

Think like a customer and include only the information you would want to know as a buyer. List information like the home’s square footage, the home’s value, basic details about the neighborhood and nearby conveniences, the schools in the area, and the flooring of each room.

3. Home Value Information

Next, include more information on the home’s value on your postcards for open houses. For example, state how long the home has been on the market, the average cost of living for the general area, nearby amenities such as neighborhood pools or clubhouses, and the year the home was built.

If the home is currently being offered below value, you should also include this as an enticing factor to intrigue interested buyers. Back up any of these claims with reasonings such as, owners feel rushed to sell, to get buyers to act more quickly.

The Bottom Line

For your open house listings, you want to include a mix of general information and intriguing information. Include this blend of information to make your open houses a success.

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