7 Ways To Use Natural Stone In Your Home
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7 Ways To Use Natural Stone In Your Home

7 Ways To Use Natural Stone In Your Home

The average home contains lots of synthetic materials. However, natural materials are making a comeback. This includes materials like cotton, leather, timber – and of course natural stone.

Natural stone has many benefits. It’s durable, it’s easy to clean and it doesn’t produce any VOCs. Because it’s natural, it can also have a soothing quality, helping to create a connection to the great outdoors.

There are many different types of natural stone that you can use around the home including limestone, sandstone, soapstone, slate, granite, and marble. They are different to materials like quartz, concrete, ceramic, and terracotta, which are all man-made (although all of these are still created by combining natural materials).

Natural stone is often more expensive than man-made stone. This is because, unlike man-made stone, every slab of natural stone has its own unique organic appearance including different coloration and veining. Because of its value and uniqueness, it is typically viewed as a luxury material, helping your home to feel more elegant and sophisticated.

There are a few different ways in which you can use natural stone around the home. This post lists 7 different uses for natural stone.


A natural stone countertop can make any kitchen look a million dollars. They have long been a symbol of luxury, not just because they look striking, but because of their incredible durability.

Different types of natural stone each have their pros and cons. Marble is often seen as the most opulent option, however it can stain more easily than many other stones. Granite kitchen countertops tend to be a little tougher and more stain-resistant, although still require a sealer. Soapstone is generally cheaper than marble and granite – it is popular for bathroom countertops for its smooth silky feel. There are also options like slate that are very tough and relatively less expensive (although still more expensive than a man-made stone countertop).


You can also use natural stone for flooring. Natural stone is hardwearing and is easy to clean. It can be great for floors in warmer climates as it typically stays cool longer than other materials like wood and carpet. It is much harder though, so it may not be suitable for kids or older adults who are prone to falls.

Natural stone is typically laid in the form of tiles, which can vary in size or shape. Larger tiles are more expensive but have the benefit of making a room feel larger. Different types of stone can provide different properties – granite is great for areas of heavy footfall, slate is ideal for wet areas like bathrooms and sandstone has a calming quality suitable for bedrooms and living rooms.


Stone cladding is used mostly on the exterior of homes. However, you can also use it on interior walls. Interior stone cladding has a similar rustic impact to exposed brick, but arguably has an even more luxury feel. You’re unlikely to want to put stone cladding on every wall, it’s better for making a statement out of a single wall in a room.

Cladding can take the form of bricks, panels, or wall tiles. Different materials can have different effects. Soapstone and slate are popular bathroom options because they’re waterproof. Granite meanwhile has a lot of heat resistance and is great for walls around fireplaces.


A natural stone dining table is certain to wow everyone in the room. This could be completely made of stone, or it could simply have a stone base or stone legs. Such tables are robust and easy to clean. They can be very heavy though, so you’ll want to keep them in one place.

Natural stone tables can be bought in a range of materials. Choose marble if you’re looking for something opulent and high-end. Choose soapstone, sandstone, or limestone for something slightly more affordable.


A natural stone desk could make your home office a place of luxury that you are proud to work from. The whole desk could be made from stone, or you could just be the legs. Either way, it’s certain to look more impressive than your average wooden desk.

As with natural stone tables, a natural stone desk could be made from any stone material. Choose marble and granite for a high-end option.

Sink basins

For a unique sink basin, you could also opt for a sink carved from natural stone. This will give your bathroom a spa-like feel and is certain to be a talking point among guests. Pair it with a statement faucet (such as a waterfall tap) for a truly stunning centerpiece.

Soapstone is a popular option for stone sinks because it is non-porous and relatively affordable. There are all kinds of shapes that you can explore.


There are all kinds of ornamental objects that can be made from natural stone including vases, fruit bowls, statues, and candle holders. These can be small affordable ways of adding stone texture to your home. Such ornaments are unlikely to break if they fall and they will last for years.

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