How To Stay at The Top of Your Golfing Game This Summer
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How To Stay at The Top of Your Golfing Game This Summer

How To Stay at The Top of Your Golfing Game This Summer

If you’re a fan of playing golf, chances are that you cannot wait for the upcoming season. However, it is predicted to be a scorching summer, which is why Canadian golfers need to protect themselves. With it being a game of patience and precision, you’re required to invest a lot of time on the course, which can be lethal if done in the middle of the day. To help you avoid messing up this eventful season, we’ve curated a list of 10 tips. These will help you stay in top shape while bringing your best to the game.


  1. Start off early and use the correct gear: Starting early in the morning or even late into the night are common practices among pro golfers to avoid the heat. These work because the heat sucks out more energy than average. If you’re a frequent player, invest in the correct products from a Canada pro shop online. Carrying the correct gear wastes a lot less time getting the perfect shot. You’ll notice how effortless your technique becomes while using high-quality clubs that don’t slip during hot summers. Invest in extra golf balls and an additional pair of gloves to alternate between.
  2. Use the shade to protect yourself: When it is not your turn, don’t brave the sunlight. Instead, stand under the shade of the tent or trees to stay cool. This will also preserve a lot of your energy. As a precautionary step, always carry an umbrella that you can use between transits and turns.
  3. Keep your equipment well maintained: Makes sure that your golfing equipment is in top shape to perform well during this season. It could happen that your clubs need some extra care and repairs due to an eventful winter gaming session. However, a minor difference in alignment can make a significant difference in how well you can swing. Test each of your equipment and have them fixed or replaced by professional dealers.
  4. Never skip on UV protection: Wearing sunscreen is not an option but mandatory if you want to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Make sure that you’re covered well in an appropriate SPF that is 50 or over in power. This will ensure to keep skin pigmentation, burns, and rashes at bay. Many sports-centric sunblock also provides more health benefits, so pick a reputed brand.
  5. Start hydrating from the get-go: It sounds very practical as advice, but people tend to ignore hydration until they feel like they’re passing out. Feeling thirsty or close to dehydration is a warning sign that your body is maxing out. Don’t wait until you feel thirsty to start hydrating. Start drinking gradual sips of water and hydrating drinks to keep your minerals balanced. This is because the body takes time to supply these electrolytes into your bloodstream. If you want to preserve your energy to the finish, make sure that you keep taking sips of these fluids from time to time.
  6. Keep your head covered: Wear a cap to avoid heat getting to your head directly. One of the biggest challenges playing in the summer is to keep your head cool. Heat strokes can arise when you least expect it, but your head getting overheated due to sunlight can pose a lot of health risks, including nausea and dizziness. Choose white-colored caps with wide brims to help keep the sun off your face and eyes. It will also help you see farther into the course and play well.
  7. Wear reflective colors and breathable fabrics: Your attire is one of the most essential props to help you escape the heat. Instead of choosing darker colors, go for whites that can reflect the heat back. Wearing breathable and moisture-wicking materials will ensure that sweat does not cling to your skin. This avoids the risk of contracting rashes and heat boils. Ensure that your clothes are washed in antibacterial solutions so that you stay clean and hygienic on and off the golf course. Carry a replacement t-shirt to change if you tend to sweat excessively.
  8. Eat between turns: While drinking fluids can help your body recover your lost electrolytes, your body also needs the energy to keep playing. If your body runs out of stored glucose, you may faint. In the long term, it could also cause pancreatic dysfunction or terrible muscle cramps. Hence, carry fruits like bananas to top up your energy quickly. You can also carry protein bars to munch on in between the game.
  9. Use cooling towels and ice packs: Just drinking water, electrolytes, and other fluids are not enough to keep you cool. On the field, you’re losing out on these minerals and body salts quicker than your body can process the ones you’re consuming. To keep yourself cool between turns, carry silicone gel pads, ice packs, and wet towels in a cooler that you can use. Regulating your body temperature is imperative while playing golf since you could catch a heat stroke easily. Apply these towels and gel pads to strategic points such as the pack of your neck and under the armpits. These are also handy to carry in case a fellow golfer faints and needs them.
  10. Set a sustainable pace: If you take a look at the pros, you’ll notice how they watch their pace and conserve energy. Don’t spend your energy and time throwing temper tantrums when the game doesn’t go as expected. Instead, play with a level head and complete the game with precision so that everyone can wrap up before the sun starts blazing outside. It is also necessary to time your game in a way that can start it and finish it on schedule since the other players are also waiting to finish up quickly. Golfing in the summer is a true test of mass cooperation and sportsmanship.

Wrapping Up:

Golfing is called a gentleman’s game for a reason. It requires a certain amount of discipline to get through an entire game. When played in the summers, it can be quite challenging yet rewarding. We hope that you use our advice to make the most of your time on the golf course! Stay tuned for more such golf-related tips.

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