3 Ways to Find Out If Your Car Is Getting Too Old to Drive

3 Ways to Find Out If Your Car Is Getting Too Old to Drive

Driving an old car isn’t necessarily a problem. However, when that car starts to sputter and fails to start every now and then, it’s clear you’ve got an issue on your hands. Indeed, old cars are more likely to break down and stop working completely out of nowhere, and that just isn’t safe for you!

But determining the exact age and how that might affect your road safety can be tricky. The dealer you bought the car off of might not have been fully truthful with you, and even when you’ve got the car manual in hand, some models tend to age faster than others. And with that in mind, here are the best ways to find out if your car is just too old to be safely used any more.

3 Ways to Find Out If Your Car Is Getting Too Old to Drive

Look into the Model

The model of your car is incredibly important; some age better than others, and you need to know if you’ve got a make that’s able to stand the test of time. So get online and check out vehicle enthusiast forums – you should be able to sign up to ask about the age of your vehicle and if it’s still safe to use.

You can also do some general research. At the very least you can check on the current pricing, but you’re also able to get a VIN check done. You can do this for free using any number of vehicle history websites; just tap in your car’s VIN and you should be able to cross reference details about its past.

Check for Physical Signs of Aging

Physical signs of ageing can be both subtle and obvious, and hard to detect unless you know what you’re looking for. So pop the hood and get under your vehicle to check for marks, corrosion, and rust. Any of these can be seriously bad news.

If a car is laden with rust, for example, it needs to be taken off the road as soon as possible. Depending on the extent of the rust, if you keep on using the car there’s a chance any accidents you get into will be ten times worse than they should be. And if you were wondering can you sell a totaled car, it depends on a lot of factors that might not be in your favor! All in all, if you’ve got physical signs of ageing on your vehicle, it’s best to scrap it due to the exponentially rising cost of keeping it on the road.

What Does the Insurance Say?

Finally, what’s your insurance premium? If it’s high due to the age of the car and nothing else, you could either shop around for a lower rate or get rid of the car altogether. Most insurance companies make you pay a high price for insuring a potentially unreliable vehicle, and that problem is the number one sign you need a younger model.

Your car might be dangerously old; use the signs above to find out.

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