6 Ways on How to Ensure Your Little One Stays Safe
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6 Ways on How to Ensure Your Little One Stays Safe

6 Ways on How to Ensure Your Little One Stays Safe

Child abuse and molestation are the most daunting concerns for parents. They may happen anytime and anywhere, in school, on the playground, or at home. You cannot trust close friends or even family members because these crimes are often perpetrated by people your child knows. Things get even more challenging for the little ones. They may hardly know the intention of the person touching them inappropriately. As a parent, you can do your bit to ensure that your little one stays safe. Everything boils down to creating awareness in the language the kid can understand. Here are some tips to help.

Start with early education about body parts

Education about body parts must start early when the child is ready to join the playschool. Name their body parts so that the child is comfortable with the terms right from the start. It will enable them to explain a situation if the kid encounters inappropriate touch. You have a better chance of understanding whether the child has been molested or they have a misunderstanding. Besides providing general education about body parts, tell the little one about private parts as well.

Explain the boundaries

Body part education gives you a good start with creating awareness about abuse and molestation. But you need to explain the boundaries, such as not undressing in front of anyone except their parents. Likewise, let them know it is okay to let a doctor check their private parts when parents are around. Talking normally is important as it enables the child to grasp the facts without causing panic to them. Also, let the kid know that they must inform you if anything is amiss, no matter how close they are to the person touching them.

Do not press charges unless you are sure

This awareness tip is for parents rather than the child. Although you may educate a little one, they are too young to understand things. As a parent, you must be sure about the incident before confronting the other person or pressing charges against them. A false molestation allegation can be devastating for an innocent person, even more, if they are close to your family. They may call a sex crimes attorney today to devise a defense strategy for themselves. The situation can ruin your relationship with them for good, so find the facts before going ahead with the charges.  

Tell them about dealing with scary situations

Education and awareness get your little one in a better place to recognize the signs of molestation. But the kid may face a scary or uncomfortable situation anytime and anywhere. Teaching them about handling such situations is a crucial part of their training. Your child must learn to say no to peers and adults. Devise an escape strategy they may use to get away from the person if they feel uncomfortable or unsafe. They may leave the place or inform a trusted adult about the situation.

Encourage the child to open up

Your relationship with your kid goes a long way in creating a safe environment for them. Parents often fail to keep the line of communication open with the little ones because they are too busy. But you must have easy conversations with the child and encourage them to open up about every topic. Nothing should be off-limits so that the kid feels comfortable about discussing inappropriate touch and conversations. Set aside quality time for your kid, and ensure you ask them about their daily activity in school and on the playground.

Ensure that the same set of rules apply to everyone

Little ones are naive, and they often trust people they know and love. They may probably not recognize molestation if it comes from someone they know well. Ensure that they know the same rules apply to everyone. They must inform you about anything amiss, whether it involves their favorite teacher, a loving neighbor, or their best friend’s parent. No one should have a chance to violate them, so make sure they know when to raise their voice. Teach them young, and they will remember these rules for a lifetime.

Knowledge and awareness go a long way in empowering your kids and deterring the abusers. Although they may not prevent molestation and abuse altogether, your child is in a better place to deal with tricky situations. Remember that one-time education is not enough for the little ones. They require ongoing education to stay safe and thrive in a happy environment. Do your bit to raise a strong and aware child.

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