3 Skills To Teach Your Child Before They Leave Home

3 Skills To Teach Your Child Before They Leave Home

Time really does fly, and before you know it, your son or daughter will have moved out and may be too far away for you to look in on them regularly. Moving out can be as scary for your child as it is for you, so taking the time to impart some final wisdom can make you both feel better. Before they leave the nest, here are three skills that can mean you can rest easy – knowing your kid can look after themselves.


Cooking is a skill it’s easy to introduce your child to from a young age when they’re naturally fascinated by the things that go on in the kitchen. To pique their interest, try to focus on dishes you know they enjoy so they can take pride in what they’re eating.

As they get older, it’s worth making sure your children can cook several meals themselves. Different skills, from using the stove and oven to chopping different weirdly shaped vegetables, means they’re less likely to rely on eating out or microwave meals as an adult. When teaching them, try to emphasize the importance of a balanced diet and show them several ways to cook vegetables that you know they find tasty. Feeding yourself is an essential survival skill, so teaching your child the basics of cooking is worth the time and effort.

3 Skills To Teach Your Child Before They Leave Home

General Handiness

If your parents do not teach you, it can be hard to know what to do in a situation that requires a wrench or a hammer. If you have a fix-up project in your house, try involving your child, so they know how to tackle basic handiness projects themselves, rather than paying for a maintenance specialist to do it for them.

Essential lessons include car maintenance like changing the oil or a burst tire, correctly identifying and using different tools, and even using a first aid kit. More significant projects like fixing a leaky sink or a broken shower might be something that you and your child can learn together,

There are also plenty of handiness projects outdoors. Taking care of broken fences, maintaining a deck, and regular gutter cleaning are also important lessons to learn as well as a potential bonding activity.

3 Skills To Teach Your Child Before They Leave Home

Money Management

Once your child reaches a certain age, taking them through the basics of your financial plans means they can more effectively look after their own money once they move out. Emphasizing the importance of sticking to a budget, recording and planning for big purchases, and knowing the fundamentals of how taxes, mortgages, and loans work can make a significant difference in your child’s future. It may be challenging to keep your son or daughter engaged with a slightly drier topic, but try to highlight how necessary it is to stay in control of your finances for a stable future. 


Imparting knowledge to your children is a great bonding activity and a chance to prepare them to live independently. Simple but essential skills like cooking, handiwork, and managing money can ensure that your child can take care of themselves and give you some peace of mind when your kid moves away from home.

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