5 Helpful Tips on How You Can Create a Viral Meme
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How Do You Can Create a Viral Meme? 5 Tips

5 Helpful Tips on How You Can Create a Viral Meme

Memes are the language of the internet. With 4.20 billion social media users, you’ll want to say something, right? When shared, they often say something profound, funny, or thought-provoking. How does a viral meme even take off in the first place?

There is no exact science when it comes to what makes a meme go viral. You want the right recipe of humor, reliability, and timing. When done correctly, creating memes can set your business or brand apart from the rest.

If you’re interested in creating memes, you’ll want to stick around. Go ahead and read our blog below to learn how to get started.

1. Don’t Be Too Clever

When creating a viral meme, you don’t want or need to be the smartest person in the room. You’ll want to think strategically here like a comedian.

You need to appeal to the masses, so collect your data first. What do people think about but aren’t necessarily saying? Can you sum something up interestingly?

2. What’s Trending?

You’ll want to check out what is currently trending and why.

Start with the mainstream like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. See what is getting a lot of interaction with comments and likes. Dive down the rabbit hole on Reddit to see the genesis of topics before they gain popularity.

3. Use Quality Images

You wouldn’t think that quality images mattered as much for a viral meme, but they do. The frame, size, and white space all make a difference.

Once you have a high-resolution image in mind, head to this meme generator to get started. The good news is you won’t have to be a master at design skills, as the meme generator will make the process super straightforward and fun.

4. Don’t Be the Only One in on the Joke

In social media land, there is something for everybody. What works for you may not work for everyone else. Popular memes are often very personal, so you’ll want to choose wisely.

We recommend doing some research and heading to Know Your Meme before you hit the publish button. This will save your brand from possible social media embarrassment.

5. Have Your Audience in Mind

When aiming to create a viral meme, your audience ought to be top of mind. You don’t want to deliver something offensive, out of touch, or outdated.

What does your audience find interesting and entertaining? Where is their common ground you can stem from? You don’t want to flock to the hottest trend and use the most popular meme if it won’t resonate with your crowd.

Have Fun Creating a Viral Meme

We encourage you to put your creative hat on when creating a viral meme. Get your team together and see what you can come up with. You never know, you might become the most popular meme of the season.

To stay on top of your social media, tech, and what’s trending, check out our site today.

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