5 Great Ideas When Reviving A Lifeless Living Room
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5 Great Ideas When Reviving A Lifeless Living Room

5 Great Ideas When Reviving A Lifeless Living Room

A living room should be a cheerful and fun space. It’s a place where you can relax and entertain guests. If your living room is dull or dated, it could be affecting the mood of the room. Below are a few features that are certain to liven up a lifeless living room.

Avoid bare walls

Bare walls can make a living room feel like a cell. Make sure that every wall in your living room has at least some decoration. This could include adding photos, artwork, posters, a mirror or a bookshelf. You could even make a wall feel more dramatic by painting it a different color, adding some wallpaper or even exposing the brickwork. Bear in mind that it is possible for living room walls to become too cluttered – you should avoid tiling a living room from top to bottom with photographs for instance.

Replace tired furniture

Furniture can start to develop a ‘tired’ look if it is very old and worn. Old floral patterns and outdated colors could be giving your living room an old-fashioned feel. Stains, scratches and holes in fabric are meanwhile never a good look. Determine whether it’s time to upgrade your furniture. Consider looking around modern furniture stores in order to find stylish sofas and coffee tables that will help to revitalize the room. You can search for such stores online.

Use pops of color

Neutral colors may be a safe option, but too many of them can make a room feel boring. If your living room is all white, black, and grey, consider adding some pops of color. Try to pick one or two colors to use as your ‘pop’. This could include blue and mustard or pastel pink and yellow. Items like cushions, throws, rugs, and curtains are all great for adding these pops of colors.

Let there be light

A living room can feel lifeless if there isn’t enough light. Start by considering ways to bring more natural light into your living room. If you want to let in sunlight, but still want to maintain some privacy, consider opting for voile curtains, blinds, or shutters. You can also use bright tones and mirrors to help reflect light. You should then focus on ways to add more artificial light. If your living room has gloomy corners, consider adding lamps here, wall lights or extra spotlights on the ceiling. You could also consider adding more lights to your central overhead light or you could replace this with spotlights across the ceiling.

Add a houseplant

Houseplants are another great way to liven up a room – because they’re literally a form of life. If you live alone and want your living room to feel lonely, but you don’t want to get a pet, houseplants are a great solution. They can also help to add a burst of color to your living room. Check out some of these great houseplants for living rooms.

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