5 Cannabis Growing Tricks Every Beginner Can Rely On
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5 Cannabis Growing Tricks Every Beginner Can Rely On

5 Cannabis Growing Tricks Every Beginner Can Rely On

If you are a cannabis lover, you will love the idea of having a thriving garden right inside your home. Besides making you self-sufficient, becoming a home grower serves endless benefits. You can save time on dispensary trips and grow your supplies with a little gardening effort and a small investment. But ensuring quality and yield with home cultivation is easier said than done. You have to know everything about growing cannabis (specifically if you plan to cultivate indoors, as most home growers do). Seasoned growers have some tried and tested growing tricks beginners can rely on. Let us share a few valuable ones with you.

Grow indoors

The best trick for home growers is to set up indoor operations. The benefits extend beyond avoiding theft and steering clear of unwanted attention due to the strong odor of cannabis. Growing inside means better control over the entire growth process. Additionally, you can manage the climate and ensure good hygiene. The best part is that you can plant in small pots or use the hydroponic technique to have a thriving garden. You do not require a big garden, just a small space or a grow tent is enough.

Genetics matter the most

The quality of cannabis you grow depends on its genetics. You can grow an excellent crop only by choosing the right strain. Luckily, you have plenty of options in cannabis strains that thrive indoors. You can research online or seek recommendations from seed sellers and other growers. Start with a sturdy strain that does not require a lot of effort. You can move to others after gaining confidence with the basics.

Have proper lighting

Setting up a thriving indoor cannabis garden requires investment in proper lighting. Your plants cannot derive natural light from the sun, so you have to make up for it. A Smart LED Grow Light is an ideal solution as it offers ample light without elevating your energy bills. You can save money and grow cannabis at home with a minimal carbon footprint by opting for LED lights.

Know the growth phases

Typically, a cannabis growing cycle has different phases. The nutritional requirements of these plants vary from stage to stage. For example, they require a hefty dose of nitrogen in the first stage. The requirement reduces to negligible in the last stages. If you continue feeding it nitrogen toward the end, your cannabis may have a nasty metallic taste. You must understand the growth phases and adapt plant care accordingly.

Give attention to water quality

Besides fulfilling the nutrient requirements of your plants, you must also water them optimally to ensure proper growth. The last thing you should do is use domestic water for irrigation. It is high in chlorine and fluoride, and these chemicals can affect plant quality in the long run. Use a filtration or reverse osmosis system to purify the water for your cultivation operation. Be extra careful about water quality if using hydroponics.

Growing cannabis at home is easy, but going the extra mile ensures better quality and yield. Follow these proven tricks to get the best on both fronts.

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