5 Common Mistakes That Prevent You from Unlocking The Potential Of Your Backyard
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5 Common Mistakes That Prevent You from Unlocking The Potential Of Your Backyard

Your garden plays a crucial role in the comfort and curb appeal of your property. Yet, when you work every day, it can be tough to maintain your backyard. Unfortunately, an overgrown or neglected backyard can turn your home sweet home into a nightmare.

That is precisely why it is essential to focus on your garden. As spring brings warmer days and pleasant weather, it is the perfect time to look after your backyard and unlock its full potential.

#1. You’ve neglected the deck and patio

Wooden decks and patios need a lot of maintenance and care to keep their appearance and solidity. While the surface may not appear damaged, you could have a termite invasion underneath the deck. It is worth testing whether the wood is hollow, especially if you find discarded wings in the area. These could be left by flying termites, which is a sure sign you need to schedule pest control services ASAP!

#2. You haven’t pruned or trimmed your trees

Tree surgeons are the first to warn homeowners about the risk of neglecting trees. Indeed, overgrown trees can put your property at risk, especially if branches reach above your roof. It is essential to arrange proper trimming to keep your backyard safe. Additionally, professional tree experts can also advise on tree health, ensuring you can make the most of your garden.

#3. There is no fence

A garden fence is more than a decorative choice. It plays a role in deterring opportunistic burglars and criminals. Fenced gardens tend to make your property safer. However, it is essential to pick the right fencing option for your home. While high fences may add more security, they can also obstruct direct sunlight, making your home feel gloomy. You could opt to go with a vinyl fence for your yard, with vinyl being a practical and affordable choice. You can contact licensed and experienced vinyl fence contractors to get a quote on the style of fence you want. Alternatively, a welded wire steel fence or an ornamental wrought iron fence can both prove effective. Homeowners will prefer a fence that elevates curb appeal and safety!

#4. You have no landscaping plans

Landscaping is not just designed for large commercial properties and luxury mansions. Landscaping can serve a variety of purposes inside your property:

  • Tackle uneven ground
  • Maximize soil quality for plants
  • Create a comfortable and usable area
  • Encourage water drainage after rain
  • Reduce risks of mud, flooding, etc.

You can think of landscaping in terms of garden architecture. More often than not, the backyard is left untouched because people don’t know what to do with it. Landscaping could create an additional space for your family.

#5. You are worried about toxic plants

When you have young children and/or pets, plants toxicity needs to be your top concern. Yet, it doesn’t mean you can’t create your dream garden. Indeed, there are plenty of dog-safe plants that could bring exciting colors and scents to your backyard. Camellias, for instance, are easy to maintain, and they are sturdy enough to survive energetic pups! Golden marigold plants are a beautiful sunny flower that even provides natural pest control against unpleasant bugs. You can pair them with a purple basil plant to attract butterflies and bees.

Are you ready to transform your backyard? Unlock its full power with these little tips. A well-maintained backyard is not just a joy to look at. It gives your family extra living space, and it can also deter potential burglars.

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