How to Make Effective Videos for Your Social Media
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How to Make Effective Videos for Your Social Media

How to Make Effective Videos for Your Social Media

Social media is a gold mine for marketing purposes in today’s world. For all those who are always looking out for engaging and impactful ways of improving the consumer habits for their content, nothing works miracles like the response you can get on social media.

As for the format of content that you can go for when it comes to social media platforms, one of the most trending ones is churning out short, crisp but extremely eye-catching videos. People getting into the field of marketing and advertising today for various brands and diverse other projects are increasingly spending time on understanding the dynamics of creating videos for social media platforms because of their high engagement rates.

YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are said to garner an incredible number of click-through rates and engagement through their video content, and with the option of live streams today, it has become all the more entertaining for consumers to sift through interesting content.

Moving pictures always have a greater impact, hence it comes as no surprise that videos are doing so well and continue to garner a top spot when it comes to social media content.

However, it takes a certain kind of in-depth understanding to know what kind of videos will be effective and impactful for social media platforms. The following are a few of the basics that you can master to ensure that your videos get you the kind of recognition and presence you are looking for.

1. Strategize your content well

There can be various angles to why you are starting a video content channel on social media. The objective is the first and foremost step that you need to have utmost clarity about. You need to figure out what the foundation of your video content will be.

Are you planning to make product-led videos that help in establishing more awareness for your brand? Or are you simply planning to churn out more entertainment-based videos that help in increasing your social media following and help you in getting more views, likes, and shares?

It is only when you know the purpose of your videos that you will be able to track its metrics and determine whether they are actually contributing to the growth and marketing of your business or brand.

2. Always invest in useful equipment

Today with some amazing smartphones in the market, most of the time you do not even need to invest in a really expensive DSLR camera to shoot stellar videos. It is true that viewers do focus on quality, but sometimes the basic understanding only requires you to invest in things that help in setting up the stage for starters.

Having good lighting, tripods and microphones can serve as the basic starter kit that you can invest in as equipment when you make up your mind to shoot videos and professionally start something on social media platforms.

3. Keep it short and relevant

With the margin of content available on social media increasing with each passing day, the best way to ensure that your videos do garner sufficient attention is to keep them short, sweet, and extremely relevant.

The attention span of viewers is diminishing by a great deal and chances are that a video that goes up to 10-15 minutes won’t be watched till the end by the viewers. They are looking for byte-sized videos with interesting and relatable content that can be consumed quickly.

Especially when it comes to social media, the first few seconds of your videos are the peg of your content. It is essential that you hold the interest of your viewers quickly in those first few seconds for them to watch the video till the very end.

4. Pick suitable templates

Professional and template themes are one of the most important steps in making the best videos. It is one of the most used marketing tools because it truly makes a difference to the aesthetics of your videos.

Use free video editing software, in which themes and templates can be tweaked as per your preference. The goal is to make the entire video and all its elements represent and resonate with your brand identity and what your business stands for.

You need to spend some time and browse through the numerous options you will get in this category to finally get that perfect template that you are looking for.

5. Never ignore the power of subtitles

The biggest advantage that social media platforms have brought to the table is that the content you find here is consumed by a global audience. Language is no barrier at all as there are multiple ways of making content, consumable by people across the globe.

Here is where subtitles and closed captions come into terrific use. They make a big difference for people who would like to have more than one option in understanding what the content is all about.

Video snippets swarming on social media platforms are consumed by people on the go – while traveling, eating, work breaks, and whatnot – therefore, you need to incorporate smart tactics into your video content that will appeal to a mass audience.

6. Optimize for various social media platforms

At the inception of social media, when people were just getting accustomed to the power it has for great content, the options were quite minimal. Today the crowd has maximized and you have Instagram LIVE streams, Facebook LIVE streams, YouTube Shorts, Instagram stories, Facebook stories, and so on and so forth.

Repurposing your video content on all these platforms only helps in creating more awareness and making more and more people watch the video content you have curated. More the platforms, more the reach.

7. Conduct metric analysis

The only way to track and figure out whether your videos are working and gaining enough attention or not is by tracking metrics.

How many people are liking, commenting, sharing, and recommending your videos to others? What is the kind of hype it has managed to create on the numerous social media platforms that you have posted it on? Is it trending or not, and if it isn’t, what exactly isn’t working out that you can improvise?

The analysis is a very important step after you are done shooting, editing, and uploading your video on various platforms.


Social media platforms are an extremely competitive space. With a sea of people uploading innumerable video content daily, you need to keep an eye out and be always at the top of your game. These basic steps will help you to ace the making of effective videos for social media platforms and with time, help you reach the pinnacle of success.

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