6 Top Tips to Help Your Tech Last Longer

6 Top Tips to Help Your Tech Last Longer

6 Top Tips to Help Your Tech Last Longer

Gadgets can be pretty expensive these days, but we buy them because they make our lives much easier than they would be without, and because e have come to rely on them.

It is, a good idea, then to do what you can to help your technology last as long as possible so you can lower the expense without having to worry about going without your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Below are some of the best tips to help your tech last longer right now:

Keep it in a case

It’s an obvious point, but if you keep your device in a protective case, and where applicable, use a screen protector too, your technology is much less likely to get damaged and have to be repaired or replaced. Dropping and scratching your devices can weaken their integrity more than you might think, so the better protected your tech is, the longer it will keep working for you.

Deep clean your gadgets

Deep cleaning isn’t just for your home – if you use tools like clean my mac to get rid of all the accumulated data and debris that comes with using a device every day, then you can easily increase the lifespan of the hardware and ensure that your chosen device is working optimally.

Charge your tech the smart way

If you want to ensure that your batteries last if possible, it is a good idea to start charging them when they drop to around 20 percent remaining battery life and to unplug them when they are 80 percent charged. This may sound odd but doing so will give you more charging cycles in many instances.

Of course, if your device’s manual recommends a different way of charging, then you should do that as that is what will be optimal for your device.

Use the right charger

While we’re about charging it is usually a good idea to use only chargers that have been officially recommended for your device because other chargers, although they may work, might not be the optimum amperage or voltage, and over time, that can cause problems for the batteries and make lower your device’s lifespan.

Avoid extreme temperatures

If your tech is subjected to temperatures that are extremely hot or extremely cold, this could be a real problem. Cold conditions can drain your battery or cause your screen to crack whereas high temperatures can cause hard drives to fail.

Update it

Yes, software updates can be inconvenient and annoying, but you should make the effort to install any update your phone notifies you about as soon as you can. Why? Because software updates can secure your phone from hackers, smooth out any bugs, and make your device work better than before.

As you can see, there are lots of simple things you can do to help your tech last longer, so why not start adding them to your schedule today so you can save money and save your tech in the future?

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