Divorcing Your Ill-Fitting Vehicle Needn't Be As Difficult As You Think
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Divorcing Your Ill-Fitting Vehicle Needn’t Be As Difficult As You Think

Divorcing Your Ill-Fitting Vehicle Needn't Be As Difficult As You Think

Unlike in traditional love where vows typically mean forever (or at least try to), most of us don’t exactly dedicate ourselves to our vehicles for life. Still, for pure ease and affordability, most of us would at least like this relationship to reach double figures before we have to look elsewhere.

Unfortunately, just as with any other relationship, things with our vehicles don’t always work out how we assumed they would. Before you know it, those features which sold you in the first place could become a hindrance to your driving enjoyment, while even the color of your carefully-chosen car could start to grate. And yet, if you’re anything like most, the chances are that you try to overlook these niggles and honor the commitment that you made when you parted with all of that cash.

After all, most of us don’t have the money to throw away on a new vehicle just a few years after investing in our current ones. Besides, you might assume that your differences with that car are so extreme that no one else could want it anyway. As a result, you remain stuck where you are and enjoy a less-than peaceful driving experience while you do.

Luckily, divorcing your ill-fitting vehicle needn’t be as difficult as you assume. Simply sit back, keep on reading, and find out how you can escape that not altogether positive relationship at last.

Research your vehicle’s viability

If you’ve fallen out of love with your vehicle, then it’s easy to assume that no one else is going to want it. And, if nobody wants what you have to sell, then a new vehicle can seem as off the cards as a good hand in poker. Lucky for you, one man’s driving fear can be another’s treasure, and you can bet that despite inevitable losses in value, there’s someone out there who couldn’t imagine anything more perfect than your current car.

For anyone looking to sell right now, soaring second-hand markets amidst ongoing parts shortages particularly mean that surprising returns are possible on even older vehicles. As such, instead of assuming that there’s nothing of value to see on your drive right now, do your research into what other vehicles like yours are selling for, and consider whether you could realistically justify parting with your car off the back of that information.

Divorcing Your Ill-Fitting Vehicle Needn't Be As Difficult As You Think

Know your financial options

Even with flourishing second-hand markets, the need to then invest in a further vehicle currently selling at top prices can limit your financial freedom and make selling seem like a terrible idea. In reality, though, this is a limited view, and it fails to take into account the full scope of your financing options when it comes to car-based prospects. After all, very few of us could afford a new vehicle upfront, but countless car owners still manage to find their perfect pairings every single day by simply utilizing solutions that include –

  • Vehicle trade-ins: Many dealerships will take that unloved car off your hands and reduce the cost of your new vehicle accordingly.
  • Auto loans: By taking the time to learn more about vehicle loans, you can ensure a direct car purchase that can free you from your current relationship without setting you back insane amounts in the moment.
  • Car financing: It’s also worth considering car financing, where a dealer will provide you with a car on a more manageable monthly payment plan depending on things like your mileage, extent of usage, and so on.

In each instance, far from having to provide the monetary value of a new vehicle upfront, you provide yourself with viable payment solutions that could help see you out of an unhappy marriage in no time. Simply consider which option is best for you, and how you can make it work in terms of reducing interest and paying less in the long run.

Consider what’s missing

Sorting the financial side of a new vehicle is one thing, but many of us still remain stuck for the simple reason that we haven’t considered which vehicle we’d be happier sharing our time with. After all, your relationship with the vehicle you’ve got is so all-consuming that you may fail to see past it at the wonderful prospects waiting for you with your local dealer.

For obvious reasons, heading out there and seeing the alternatives in person is your best way to overcome this limitation, but ensuring a better match this time is also about understanding what’s missing in the car that you’ve got right now. Let’s say that you don’t have enough space in your current vehicle, for instance. In this case, an alternative like an SUV could be a great option for your future. Equally, if your vehicle isn’t as efficient as you’d like, considering a hybrid or electric alternative might serve you better. And, of course, if you’re fed up with missing out on the latest mod cons, or if you can’t stand the latest tech-based vehicle updates, then simply considering vehicle ages is going to help you towards a better solution next time.

Keep things fair

Divorcing Your Ill-Fitting Vehicle Needn't Be As Difficult As You Think

Finally, it’s important to remember that there’s a lot to be said for an amicable divorce when it comes to simplifying what can be a difficult process. Ensuring a fast and efficient sale that gets you closer to your actual dream vehicle means making sure that the car you’ve got is in the best condition that it can be. While you may be past the point of spending any real money on this ill-fitting vehicle, it’s therefore always worth spending at least a little on things like paint fixes, performance certificates, and general maintenance requirements like new tires. That way, you’ll find it faster to sell, and see decent money from a vehicle that you always assumed would never serve your needs again.

Divorce is never pleasant, but at least you can part ways with your ill-fitting car a little more easily using these tips.

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