How Do I Choose the Best Catering Company in My Local Area?
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How Do I Choose the Best Catering Company in My Local Area?

How Do I Choose the Best Catering Company in My Local Area?

Whether it’s a private party, a wedding, or a corporate event, planning an event involves detail after detail. And almost no event comes off flawlessly. So chances are, not everything goes according to plan. And chances are, your guests won’t ever notice.

One thing they will remember is the food. If the food, service, and style are top-notch, your event’s a success. It’s that simple. Choosing the best catering company is key to creating a memorable event. But with 40,000 caterers to choose from, how do you choose? Read on for a simple guide to making the right choice.

Reputation and References

Any good caterer will have reviews and references, should be willing to share them, and will encourage you to contact their references. Also, talking with past customers that have had similar types of events catered by them is a good idea. And don’t forget to check online reviews – but remember they often are biased – for or against.

Interest and Responsiveness

The best companies in the catering industry know that event catering presents different challenges and circumstances every time. One size does not fit all. And one of the best ways to gauge a catering company is its level of interest and responsiveness. For instance, if they fully understand your corporate event, you are likely to have a far better experience.

It’s a good sign if they take a personal interest, ask a lot of questions, demonstrate flexibility, and respond quickly and professionally.

Cooking and Serving Staff Experience

No matter how well planned your event is, if the food and service aren’t outstanding, neither you nor your guests will be happy. Always learn as much as you can about the company’s staff. How experienced are their chefs? What’s their training and background?

Especially with corporate party catering, the service staff needs to be professional, well trained, and experienced. Your guests will expect a high level of service, and your caterer needs to deliver.

Flexibility and Pricing

You may have an idea of the menu you’d like, and you’ll definitely have a budget in mind. But, in your conversations with the caterer, how flexible are they? It’s not good if they only want you to consider items from a set menu with fixed prices.

Are they willing to offer additional menu suggestions? Willing to work within your budget? If they are – if they show interest in the specifics of your event – chances are they’ll be a good match.

The Best Catering Company

Choosing the best catering company comes down to asking a few right questions. Will they provide references? Are they really interested in working with you, or are you just another customer to them? Are they flexible in terms of menu and working within your budget? How experienced are their cooking and service staffs?

Getting the right answers to these questions is the most crucial step in guaranteeing your guests rave about your event!

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