7 Fun Ways to Exercise You’ll Actually Look Forward To

7 Fun Ways to Exercise You’ll Actually Look Forward To

7 Fun Ways to Exercise You’ll Actually Look Forward To

Get off the couch now! A 2020 study revealed that one-third of people performed less exercise during the COVID-19 lockdown. A lack of exercise can make heart disease, lung disease, and COVID worse.

One reason why people stopped exercising is that they found it boring. You can find plenty of fun ways to exercise, as long as you get creative and do your research.

How should you exercise when you want to get out of the house? What are some fun ways to exercise at home? How can you stay safe while exercising?

Answer these questions and you can have fun while trimming your pounds. Here are seven fun ways you can exercise.

1. Roller Skating

Roller skating is a fun way to exercise that doubles as a form of transportation. You can skate to get to a meeting or the grocery store.

Skating is trickier than it seems because you can lose your balance easily. Visit websites like https://www.rollerskatedad.com/how-to-roller-skate/ and read tips on how you can skate.

Make sure you get a good pair of skates that fit your feet. You should remain balanced on the wheels without holding your arms out. You should also wear a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads to protect you if you fall over.

If you develop skills as a skater, you can try artistic skating. Freestyle skating lets you perform by yourself while duo or paired skating pairs you with another person.

2. Swimming

Swimming cools you down while you exercise, letting you work out for longer periods of time. You can find swimming pools near you, and you may be able to build a pool in your backyard.

If you’re looking for ways to make exercise more fun, you can participate in swimming competitions. You can also go swimming in natural bodies of water, challenging yourself to get across them in the fastest possible time.

You can try synchronized swimming if you’re interested in improving your flexibility. You will need to work with a team to get the choreography right, so look for a team in your area.

3. Live-Action Role Playing

Live-action role playing (LARPing) is like Dungeons & Dragons. What makes LARPing distinct is that you physically portray your character in an open setting, and you interact with other people who are in character.

You can participate in battles and go on quests. You can walk, fight, and dance, all of which burn calories, especially if you are wearing armor.

LARPing organizations are in major cities throughout the United States. You can also start your own organization or guild amongst your friends.

One person should serve as the gamemaster (GM), preparing the story and organizing the event. You can serve as the GM while still exercising. You can accompany players on their quests and serve as a referee during battles.

4. Geocaching

During geocaching, you use a GPS to find containers called caches. Caches can contain anything, including monetary prizes and trinkets that you can take with you.

Geocaching can also include challenges and puzzles you need to solve. You may need to find a certain number of caches by the end of the day to win a prize. You also might need to solve a puzzle in order to find the next cache.

Many websites are dedicated to geocaching, so do your research and find one you like. You can use your phone as a GPS device, or you can buy your own appliance. If you want to set up caches, you can buy some boxes, fill them with objects, and post their locations online.

5. Parkour

During parkour, you move from one point to another in the fastest and most efficient way you can. You may need to climb over walls, swing between trees, and roll over objects.

Parkour is one of the most fun ways to exercise and lose weight. You can participate in it wherever you like, and you build muscle and cardiovascular endurance.

However, you should avoid trespassing, and you should keep in mind the risks. You may fall off of a building or run into something. You can stay safe by jumping over objects on the ground and wearing equipment like a helmet.

6. Performing Music

Playing the violin or piano may not seem like exercise. But moving your hands back and forth and holding your instrument up can help you burn hundreds of calories an hour.

You can burn more calories by dancing or tapping your feet. If you have to sit in a chair to perform your music, you should spread your legs out so you can stretch your muscles and move your feet.

7. Building

Building requires you to use muscles in all parts of your body and carry objects across a distance. You can build with whatever you want. Building with blocks or boxes is cheap, especially if you borrow boxes from a neighborhood.

You can order a piece of furniture from IKEA or another retail outlet and build it. Make sure you give yourself a few hours, as it can take time to put everything together. If you want to make works of art, you can build metal to create sculptures.

The Most Fun Ways to Exercise

You can try out so many fun ways to exercise. Roller skating helps you get around while swimming lets you stay comfortable on hot days. When you’re interested in playing games, you can try live-action role playing and geocaching.

Parkour lets you jump over objects, but it can be risky. Make sure you keep your eye on where you are going and land on your feet. If you want to be safe, you can play music and build things.

Fun ways to exercise are just a few activities you can do. Read more exercise guides by following our coverage.

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