7 Health Benefits to Adding Salmon to Your Diet
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7 Health Benefits to Adding Salmon to Your Diet

7 Health Benefits to Adding Salmon to Your Diet

For the last month or so I’ve embarked on a journey to become a much healthier person. During that time, I’ve eliminated a lot of bad habits like drinks. My food selections have also changed, but I’m using Saturdays as my cheat days. I’m drinking smoothies everyday now, working out a little after work and drinking water all the time. Seafood is something I’ve began eating more and it’s healthy for you. My favorite has been salmon and fortunately my entire family loves it also. Lately, I’ve been doing most of my shopping at home and found a great place to order online. Oshen Salmon is the place and it’s some of the freshest salmon I’ve ever had in my life. Salmon tastes great and it’s beneficial for your health also. Below are 7 health benefits to adding salmon to your diet.

Great Source of Protein

Protein is needed in helping your body thrive. If you don’t get enough of protein it could led to muscle loss. You can get as much as 36 grams of protein from five ounces of cooked salmon.

Rich in Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Salmon is a wonderful source of omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3s offer a variety of health benefits, including relieving symptoms of dry eye disease, helping manage symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, and improving cognitive function.

7 Health Benefits to Adding Salmon to Your Diet

Great for Eye Health due to Vitamin A

As we get older, our vision declines, and eye health is as important as ever. If you’re low on vitamin A, you should consider adding salmon to your routine. Salmon is rich in vitamin A, which is an immune-boosting nutrient. Vitamin A is important not only for immune function but also reproduction and vision.

Help the Immune System

While many believe that Covid-19 is a thing of the past, let me say that they are wrong. It’s something my family experienced last year and I’ve had plenty of co-workers still deal with it. Salmon is a great source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is also a immune-boosting nutrient.

Great Source of Vitamins B3 & B12

You will be surprised at how many people lack vitamin B12 in their system. Lack of B12 can cause weakness, tiredness, constipation, and loss of appetite. Vitamin B3 (also known as niacin) can be found in salmon as well. Vitamin B3 plays a role in keeping your cells functioning.

7 Health Benefits to Adding Salmon to Your Diet

Adds Iron to Your System

Iron is a mineral that the body needs for growth and development. Your body uses iron to make hemoglobin, a protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen from the lungs to all parts of the body, and myoglobin, a protein that provides oxygen to muscles. In addition to tasting great, salmon is also a great source of iron.

Rich in Zinc

Zinc is great on your immune system and many people don’t realize you should consume it every day. Zinc is an essential mineral that maintains a steady state because the body has no specialized zinc storage system.


Do you love eating salmon? Were you aware the health benefits of eating salmon? Leave some feedback below about anything related to health or salmon.

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