4 DIY Home Projects to Cure Cabin Fever and Boost Property Value
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4 DIY Home Projects to Cure Cabin Fever and Boost Property Value

4 DIY Home Projects to Cure Cabin Fever and Boost Property Value

The housing market is as favorable as ever for sellers. Those owners entering the market sometime in the next coming months will have high home prices on their side, while fierce competition amongst buyers continues to spark bidding wars.

Just because the market is advantageous for sellers doesn’t mean owners should neglect remodeling and updating their property. In fact, top real estate agents attest to the importance of updating a home prior to sale.

Updating doesn’t always mean coughing up huge sums of cash, however, and handy DIYers can save by doing the work themselves. Here are some of the best DIY projects to boost your property value!

Give your front door a new coat of paint

Prospective buyers start judging your property the moment they pull into the driveway, which means the exterior of your property needs to be in tip-top shape.

Giving your front door a new coat of paint might seem simple, but it’s one of the easiest and cheapest ways to add value to your home.

Feel free to give your exterior a pop of color on the front door. This is one of the few areas where it’s okay to break away from neutral colors. Homes with black front doors, however, sell for more on average.

Spray painting is much easier than normal painting, and you’ll easily be able to find black spray paint that’ll get the job done.

Spruce up your curb appeal

As noted, while first impressions are always key, especially so in the housing market. If your buyers are welcomed to your property with overgrown shrubs, chipping paint, and dying grass, they won’t be tempted to put down an offer.

According to HomeLight’s Top Agent Insights for New Year 2022, buyers will pay about 7% more for a property with top-notch curb appeal than they would a home with a neglected exterior.

Thankfully, superb curb appeal is easy to achieve without professional help, and — best of all — with a small budget.

Tackle basic yard maintenance first, including mowing your lawn and cutting overgrown shrubs. Next, plant some flowers to give the front yard a pop of color. If you want to go the extra mile, try purchasing a welcome mat, prominent house numbers, or even some outdoor chairs to set up a small seating area on the front porch. All this can be done relatively inexpensively, but the result will garner plenty of attention from buyers.

Get some new hardware for the kitchen

While painting outdated kitchen cabinets might seem light the cheapest and simplest option replacing the hardware might be much easier. Plus, the update will give your kitchen a fresh, modern look.

All you need is a screwdriver to complete this task, so it’s relatively simple for an experienced DIYer or even a newbie. If you’ve finished with the kitchen and want to go a step further, try doing the same in the bathrooms!

Swap out your switch plates around the house

Overtime, light switches get dingy, yellowed, and dated. You might not notice the steady decline in quality, but a buyer will.

Replacing the switches and electrical outlet covers with something a bit upscale is a cheap task. Switch plates can cost under $5, and the grunt work is easy.

Once you’ve tackled these DIY projects, it might be time to start thinking about selling and searching for your new home! Remember, always contact a real estate agent or experienced contractor if you’re unsure what remodeling projects to tackle next!

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