Getting Over The Fear Of The Dentist As An Adult
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Getting Over The Fear Of The Dentist As An Adult

Getting Over The Fear Of The Dentist As An Adult

Let’s face it, going to the dentist isn’t particularly enjoyable for anyone, especially if you need to have work done. Fear of the dentist isn’t just something that kids experience, but many adults do too. Some people attend their appointments and have a lot of anxiety and others avoid the dentist altogether, not attending unless there is a medical emergency and the pain of not going to the dentist overrides the fear.

Neither of these situations is particularly great. You might feel a little embarrassed admitting it as an adult, but you shouldn’t. Research has shown that up to 25% of people feel the same.

Do your research into dental techniques

The types of dental treatment and procedures are probably a lot different now than they were. If you’re looking to have your teeth straightened, you can use clear braces that you can order online rather than monthly dentist visits.

There are also a lot of new techniques out there to restore your smile. So, if you feel that your teeth are too damaged or beyond repair, you might be surprised at what’s possible.

Find a specially trained dentist

There are many dentists who train in working with nervous and anxious patients. They will help you feel at ease and the dental practice will usually be set in a more comfortable, less clinical way than others.

They may also offer a number of options for sedation. This is particularly helpful for people with an extreme aversion to dentists. This can be anything from gas and air to a strong sedative. You will need to take someone with you if you are planning on having sedation as you won’t be able to drive and will be unsteady on your feet.

Distract yourself

A great way to get through your appointment is to distract yourself. Take some music to listen to or an audiobook. Some dental practices even have TVs on the ceiling, so you can look up at them while you’re being treated by the dentist.

Book your appointment during quiet times

Noise, delays, kids running around, and general business in the dental office will not help you relax as you wait for your appointment. There’s also less of a chance that the dentist will be running late, adding to your anxiety as you wait for an appointment.

Take someone with you

Going to a dentist appointment alone can give you a lot of time to focus on how much you’re not looking forward to it. Take someone with you to your appointment for moral support and to keep you distracted so you don’t have time to focus on your appointment.


Your mouth is about much more than a smile, it is very important to your overall health and well-being. That’s why it’s important you look after it and visit the dentist regularly. Fearing the dentist as an adult is way more common than you think. While you might never be skipping to your appointments, there are things you can do to reduce your anxiety around them.

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