4 Reasons Why You Could Have Water in Your Basement
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4 Reasons Why You Could Have Water in Your Basement

4 Reasons Why You Could Have Water in Your Basement

We are finally getting some much-needed rain in the Atlanta area. In the summer, we see our fair share of rain and thunderstorms. The rain is great for our lawns, garden, flowers, and it can also cool down the temperatures. There will be times where it rains for days to the point your yard is a little flooded. Of course, when that happens there is a risk of some of that water getting into your home. There can be instances where water seeps through into your basement. Trust me, it happened to us years ago when it seemed like it rained every day. Below are 4 reasons why your basement could have water in your basement.

Cracks in Basement Walls or Floor

Cracks in the basement walls or floor is one of the biggest issues. You also have water pipes and sewage lines running through your basement. The smallest crack in your basement can cause major damage. Water can also come in through the gap between then your basement wall and floor. When it rains in Georgia, it tends to rain for a few days. You should get a professional to your home before it’s too late. Professionals that specialize in basement waterproofing Atlanta homes that can help with your foundation repair. They will also help with mold removal and anything that comes with the unfortunate incident.

Pipes Leaking

There is a significant chance that your leak will come from pipes leaking in the basement. Most water that flows through your house goes through the basement. There are many reasons why your basement leaks. Since most water and drainpipes enter through the basement, a burst or leak can cause significant damage. Proper insulation is key to preventing your pipes from bursting, but regular inspections can also catch any leaks, cracks, and blockages in your pipes. Improperly sealed and caulked windows can lead to a leaky basement.

Bad Drainage

Water should always drain away from your home to keep your basement dry. Unfortunately, block gutters and even your landscaping can cause water to pool around the foundation. Cracks or worn-out waterproofing will then let water into your basement. If the water is coming up through floor drains or sink drains in the basement, then the problem is often water backing up from the municipal sanitary sewer system. During heavy rains, combined sewer systems can become overwhelmed with water.

Issues With Your Hot Water Heater

This one is near and dear to me because we had this issue in our first house. The hot water heater can last anywhere between three to twelve years. When we moved into the house, our hot water heater was old. The pipes leading from the hot water heater had begun to rust. This all lead to it leaking and we noticed it when it was too late. Fortunately, we didn’t have major damage, but it was enough for us to keep an eye on them all the time.


Those are just four reasons why you could have water in your basement. There are ways to prevent water from causing issues in your basement. Clean your gutters, check your landscaping, make any repairs to cracks and waterproofing the walls are just a few things to do.

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