What Do Guys Like for Gifts? Decoding Your Partner's Wants
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What Do Guys Like for Gifts? Decoding Your Partner’s Wants

What Do Guys Like for Gifts? Decoding Your Partner's Wants

Be it for Father’s Day, a birthday, an anniversary, or just to express appreciation, getting the perfect gift for your man can be a bit overwhelming. Perhaps, that’s because men don’t often voice out what they want as gifts—at least, not directly. This causes a lot of uncertainty as you pick your brain in search of that present for your dad, husband, or significant other would appreciate.

But choosing the best gifts for men isn’t always that difficult. Perhaps, you already know what your man would like; you’ve just not thought hard enough.

The perfect gift every guy would love

Be it for his birthday, promotion, a holiday, or any other special occasion, the perfect gift for a guy is one that’s thoughtful—one that aligns with his interests. If you’ve been around any man for some time, you’d know what that is.

He could be obsessed with some sport, video games, or fashion. Why, he may have drooled over some pair of sneakers while scrolling through social media! Well, why not surprise him with that? It would blow his mind!

The idea is to not pick a gift for your man just because you like it; the idea is to realize that all men are unique, and a generic item might not appeal to the man in your life.

So, before scrolling through gift ideas for men, first, try to figure out that item the recipient had secretly or openly lauded. If you can do that, you’ve got a present that’ll leave your man breathless. It’s like meeting his needs, his deepest desire—it’s like fulfilling his dreams.

What to do when you’re still in doubt

Perhaps you’ve not been around that guy for a long time, so it becomes challenging to discern what would awe him immediately. However, there are collectibles for him that would be hard for any man to resist. For example, a grooming set to make him look and smell classy.

Even when your man already has too many wears, getting him one that stands out would never be a bad idea. Just don’t get him a tie or something he’ll soon dump inside storage. Or is it your dad? He may appreciate a good book if he likes to read.

8 gift ideas most men would love

Still at a loss? Not to worry; we’ve gone ahead of you to curate some of the best gift ideas for men. Hopefully, you’ll find the perfect gift for your man.

  1. A monogrammed duffle bag. Any gym fanatic or frequent traveler would love this, but it’s the personalized touch — the monogram — that really makes this gift intimate.
  2. Sneakers. No guy would say no to a fancy pair of sneakers. Think Nike or Jordans. Take a sneak peek at his shoe size before heading to the store.
  3. Gaming console. A gaming console will sure get any gamer maniacal. Consider getting the latest version or a more advanced console if he already has one.
  4. Long Sleeve T-shirt. Simple, classic, irresistible.
  5. Luxury perfume. Make him exude luxury.
  6. Wall frame. An iconic piece for his home or office. He’ll think of you whenever he looks up at it.
  7. Customized Decanter set. A personalized decanter set would make a perfect gift if he’s an avid drinker or considers himself a connoisseur.
  8. Smart countertop oven. The ultimate gift for the guy who loves to cook.

Bottom line

No single thing is perfect for everyone, yet there’s something perfect for everyone. So, figure that one item that would be functional to your significant other, and you’ve got a thoughtful gift right there.

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