Making Your Bathroom More Comfortable To Be In
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Making Your Bathroom More Comfortable To Be In

Bathrooms can be white and sterile places, can’t they? It’s easy to tile over a wall and call it a day, without adding any extra care or love to the place! But that’s something we want to help you fix. If you’ve ever looked around your bathroom and felt uncomfortable, it’s time to make some changes for a cozier setting. And you won’t have to spend much to do so; you can make improvements like these for less than $150 a piece! Let’s go through some ideas below.

Making Your Bathroom More Comfortable To Be In

Put Everything at Head Height

The bathroom is a room you really want to be able to relax in, so you don’t want to be completing an obstacle course every time you need something! Instead of piling kids’ toys into a basket in the corner or hiding shampoo bottles in a cabinet, put up a shelf or two next to the bath or shower. You can easily grab and go whenever you need something, and you won’t have to dig around to find where you put that rubber ducky!

Add Some Color

White is the most common color to be found in the bathroom. However, it’s also the most boring and/or clinical feeling color known to man! So if you’re sick of feeling ill at ease when you’re trying to shower and unwind from a hard day, adding a few pops of color to the room will work wonders. For example, laying some porcelain slate tile on the floor can help to break up the monotonous tone of the other décor. Or you could paint the cabinets to be a fun color, like blue or green, or even patterned with animals so the kids will have more fun!

Place Some Small Potted Plants

Small potted plants make a lot of difference to the way a room looks. This is especially true in a bathroom, which tends to be much smaller than other rooms in the house. And while a Yucca plant can be easily slotted behind the sofa in the living room, it’s not going to work fenced in next to the shower curtain! So get your hands on some succulents; they’re the easiest to take care of and won’t need much attention. Place them on window ledges and around the sink for a natural touch that won’t invite in too many bugs either.

Make the Mirror Fun!

Finally, the mirror in the bathroom is one of the main attractions. It’s where we brush our teeth, shave, and do our hair, so it gets a lot of use from every member of the family. As such, don’t you think it should look a bit more fun? A few silly family photos tucked in around it, maybe some lights that belong in a Hollywood dressing room – the kids will love these new features and they’ll help to make the bathroom feel a lot more ‘lived in’.


Your bathroom isn’t all that comfortable, but we can easily change that!

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