6 Helpful Tips For Greener Commuting

6 Helpful Tips For Greener Commuting

6 Helpful Tips For Greener Commuting

The entire commute to work or school can feel like a complete adventure. With constant honking, traffic jams, claustrophobic trips in trains, and more – it’s a stressful experience. However, commuting is an everyday part of life for many. It’s something everyone must do daily. It’s also one of the more taxing things on our environment. Luckily, with some simple steps, you can make your commute less taxing on it for everyone. See here some of the top tips to implement to make your commute better for the environment.

Tips For a Greener Commute:


1. Find Someone to Drive With

One of the easiest ways to make your commute much greener is by finding a driving partner. Do you have a coworker that lives nearby? Do you have neighbors that work in the same area you work? If so, you can find people to share your ride with. This is not only going to help reduce the vehicles on the road, but it will also give someone you can talk to and help you take advantage of the quicker carpool lane.

2. Listen to Podcasts

You can help by listening to environmental podcasts on your favorite devices. This can help prop these podcasts up in the rankings and you can learn more effective ways to contribute positively to the environment. You’ll find a lot of good ways to be green in your daily life. Some of the best green podcasts are The Green Divas, Green Dreamer, and Low Tox Life.

3. Use Public Transportation

If possible, you’ll want to switch to using public transportation. If not, you can always walk to different places or even ride your bike. All of these things can keep you from adding another vehicle to the roads.

4. Use a Reusable Cup

If you are going to be heading out to the coffee shop, try to use a reusable cup. Not only can it save the earth by reducing wasted one-time use materials, but it also helps you save money. You can find a lot of good reusable cups including our Wholesome Culture mug. The mug is perfect for your commute as it’s organic, recyclable, and BPA-free. It’s also dishwasher safe for convenient washing.

5. Drive Smooth

Try to avoid breaking too hard and accelerating too much. Driving at consistent speeds is one of the best ways to improve the fuel economy of your vehicle. It’s not only good for the environment, but it’s better for decreasing the wear and tear on your vehicle and keeping yourself safe while driving.

6. Plan Ahead

Try to start planning. If you are going to be running errands, group a lot of the errands together. This can keep you from taking long trips to do one thing at a time. Instead, you can do fewer trips and get more done. This can save you from wasting gas and spending more money on gas.

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