How To Soundproof A Room Without Using Foam Blocks!
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How To Soundproof A Room Without Using Foam Blocks!

How To Soundproof A Room Without Using Foam Blocks!

Soundproofing is necessary for several reasons. Perhaps you can hear people snoring in your home, possibly you hear the television from another room, or maybe you hear things from outside? In any situation, soundproofing helps to create a quieter and calmer environment. This is essential in your bedroom, particularly if you have trouble getting to sleep.

Thankfully, soundproofing a room is a lot easier than you think. And no, before you ask, you don’t need to stick loads of black foam blocks around your room like it’s a recording studio! While effective, these blocks look very unsightly and ruin the aesthetic appeal of your room. So, here’s what you can do instead:

Upgrade your door frame

Firstly, turn your attention to the door frame. Usually, sound enters or escapes your room through the gaps around the frame – and possibly through the door and its frame too. As such, upgrading to steel framing is a fantastic shout. Steel is better at soundproofing than a timber frame, and it should already act to block out lots of noises from outside your room. If necessary, you could upgrade the door itself to something thicker and more soundproof – but this isn’t always needed.

Plug the gaps

As mentioned above, gaps around your door can leak sound. Similarly, gaps in your windows can do the same. If your windows haven’t been installed correctly, you may have little gaps where the sealant hasn’t formed properly. Get someone in to reseal your windows and plug those gaps up if required.

With the door, even a new frame won’t be able to completely seal off all the gaps. Instead, you can buy door tape that sticks to the bottom of the door and around the edges, plugging all the gaps. As a result, there’s less space for sound to travel into and out of your room, creating a more soundproofed enclosure.

Give your windows more soundproofing

Lastly, you should turn your attention back to your windows. Effectively, you want to make them better at blocking sound from entering your room. Noises from the street or road can be so distracting when you’re trying to relax or sleep. Thankfully, there are two things you can do to counter this.

The first idea is an expensive one; upgrade your windows to thicker ones. Instead of double glazing, opt for triple. It is costly, but it also adds value to your home so maybe weigh up the pros and cons!

Alternatively, you can buy things like soundproof curtains. You can hang these like any other curtains, but they’re made from materials that are better at blocking out sound. It’s a far cheaper idea, but maybe not as effective as thicker windows.

If you follow these steps, you are going to create a room that feels so much quieter. No longer will you hear sounds from the street entering the room, and you shouldn’t hear noises from around the house either. It’s a wonderful way to make your home more peaceful!

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