5 Tips to Make Your Boat Sell Faster
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5 Tips to Make Your Boat Sell Faster

5 Tips to Make Your Boat Sell Faster

You have made countless memories with your old boat, including fishing trips with your buddies and quiet nights at sea with your family. However, you can’t help but feel boat fever and would like to trade your old beauty for a newer, shinier model. Well, it would help to take the necessary steps to find a willing buyer quickly and get the most out of the sale. How do you find that reliable seller and the right quote for your boat? Here are a few tips to make your boat sell faster.

Take time to fix your boat

Nobody would like to buy a boat that is in dire straits. Therefore, it would be wise to see what areas of your boat require special attention before you look for willing buyers. First and foremost, check the engine and motor to ascertain they are still working. The next step would be to inspect all the electronics and confirm the canvas is in good condition.

Deep clean the boat

Even though all the components in your boat are working perfectly, buyers will still lose interest if the bilge and the boat are filthy. An off-putting smell will also chase potential clients away, forcing them to consider another option. Therefore, it would help to deep clean your boat and replace the hose if it gives off a pungent smell. You could also use chemicals to eliminate any grime or stubborn odors.

Add a fresh coat of paint

After ascertaining your boat is in tip-top shape, you could give it an excellent paint job to restore its color and enhance its overall appearance. Since painting could place a dent in your pocket, ensure you paint only when necessary. It wouldn’t also be a good idea to paint over areas that require fixing as this could reduce the value of your boat.

List your boat online

How you list your boat will significantly impact whether you find a willing buyer or not. We suggest you hire a broker to help you list your boat and point out its key selling points. A broker might also have extensive intel on the market and provide you with data to optimize your listing.

Set a competitive price

Lastly, ensure you set a reasonable price for your boat, depending on your market analysis findings. Take some time to compare your boat to other models in the market and find out how other sellers are pricing their boats. When you get an offer from a customer, avoid disclosing the best price over the phone and leave room for negotiations.

Bottom line

As you decide to sell your boat, it would help to kick unrealistic expectations to the curb as they could hinder you from finding a willing buyer. Another pro tip would be to place yourself in the buyer’s shoes and ask whether you would buy your boat. If a buyer expresses interest in visiting your boat, ensure you depersonalize the space to allow them to visualize how they would like to customize their newly acquired boat.

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