Six Signs Your Car Is Your Pride And Joy

Six Signs Your Car Is Your Pride And Joy

Do you own your car, or does it own you? Sometimes it can feel like the latter when your vehicle is your pride and joy. You’d do anything to protect it and ensure that it’s in tip-top condition.

Check out these telltale signs that you love your car a little too much.

You Spend More Pampering Your Car Than You Do Yourself

Six Signs Your Car Is Your Pride And Joy

Many people love their car so much that they look after its well-being better than their own. For instance, they live off cheap food but give their vehicles the finest racing oils and suspension fluids. They regularly take them to the car wash while skimping on showers at home to reduce their water bill.

If that sounds like you, then it tells you what your priorities are. It shows that you’ve organized your life around your car’s well-being above your own.

You Keep Talking About It

For most people, a vehicle is something that transports them from A to B. But for those who are obsessed, it is also a topic of conversation. They can’t stop talking about the latest auto repair job they had done on it, or where they drove it last.

When you talk about something all the time, it shows that you are in love with it. It’s evidence that it matters a lot to you. What’s more, you often do it completely unconsciously. When you catch yourself, it’s almost funny? You’re talking about your car again!

You Drive It Really Carefully, Or Not at All

Owning a car that is your pride and joy also has some downsides. Many times, you feel a constant pressure to drive it carefully, just in case something happens to it. On some occasions, you don’t want to drive it at all to protect it and keep it in pristine condition.

Accepting that cars are made to be driven can be difficult when you cherish your vehicle. You want it to last forever and you never want it to depreciate.

You Keep Looking at It

Six Signs Your Car Is Your Pride And Joy

Some cars are objects of immense beauty. Therefore, it can be tempting to stand and stare at them all, daydreaming about driving them fast down country roads.

You Keep Snapping It

People who are obsessed with their cars also love to snap them. They take pictures from every angle and then post them on social media to see what their friends and colleagues think. When you have a great car, you can draw quite a crowd.

You Don’t Want Anyone Else to Drive Your Car

Most car owners wouldn’t think twice about handing the keys over to another driver and letting them use their vehicle for the day. It’s just what friends do. However, when you’re in love with your car, handing over the keys to someone else can make you feel anxious. What if they don’t look after it? What if they have an accident? What happens if they take it to a campsite and scrape it up against a fence on their way in? It’s enough to drive you mad.

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