3 Kids Activities I’m Enjoying As An Adult With New Technology
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3 Kids Activities I’m Enjoying As An Adult With New Technology

3 Kids Activities I’m Enjoying As An Adult With New Technology

During these crazy times, we have so much to worry about especially if you’re a parent. Covid-19 stopped the entire world and still is a problem today. My entire household caught it except for my son. My daughter was the only one in school, so we opted for digital learning from her freshman to junior years. We have a new threat on our hands with the monkey pox outbreak.

With so much to worry about, it’s enough to stress you out and keep you from enjoying life. Despite all of that, we must continue to live our life and that’s something I’ve continued to do. When we were stuck in the house, there were a few activities that I haven’t partaken in since childhood and my teenage years. Below are 3 Kids Activities I’m Enjoying as An Adult with New Technology.


For me, everything started out with the Atari and don’t get me wrong it was fun to me. The Nintendo hit the scene and changed the game. Tecmo Bowl and Double Dribble were my favorite games. The Sega Genesis was up next, and we played them all night until the morning time. Madden and NBA Live were my two favorites. My wife bought me the PlayStation a few years after it was released. Our son was just born, so it stayed in the box and eventually went to one of my cousins. My son became a gamer and has been for years. Every now and then I’d jump on it with him to play, but the love was far gone. During the pandemic, the love returned and NBA 2K is my favorite game.  My son bought the PS5 and whenever there’s some free time you will see me in front of the TV playing it.

Card and Board Games

Card games was a huge part of my teenage years. When we weren’t playing cards, we kept a variety of board games to play. Spades, rummy, solitaire, and Uno were some of the card games we loved. Checkers, Connect 4, Dominoes and Tic Tac Toe kept us busy also. My two best friends have passed away, but those games have become favorites again. During my spare time or while on break at work you will see me on my phone playing some of my favorites.

Connect 4 has become one of my favorite games from the past that I’m enjoying now. You can either play it one your iPad, phone or even desktop. Either way, you will be entertained, and it will bring back memories. Speaking of memories, Rummy is my favorite card game to play along with Solitaire. With those two games, you can play by yourself or against others.


Who doesn’t love a good book to read at times? Reading is something I’ve loved to do as far back as my grade school years. I’ll admit, my eyes aren’t as good as they used to be. Audiobooks has been the answer for me for many years now. At first, the thoughts of an audiobook didn’t sit too well with me. For the last few years, reading audiobooks has become one of my favorite hobbies. There are great benefits to audiobooks like helping with your literacy skills. They also help with time management, relaxes you and you don’t have to look at those small letters in a book.


There are 3 kid’s activities I’m enjoying as an adult with the help of technology. Are you someone that’s enjoying some of the same activities as an adult? Are there more that could be added to the list? Leave some feedback below in the comments section.

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