What You Need to Know About the New Series: Junkyard Joe

What You Need to Know About the New Series: Junkyard Joe

Junkyard Joe is the most eagerly anticipated comic book series of this year. Created by Geoff Johns and published by Image Comics, Junkyard Joe is about a mysterious robot and a cartoonist. The story revolves around the two characters during the Vietnam War. However, there’s more to the series than beautiful colors and illustrations. Junkyard Joe will feature a special edition supporting homeless veterans. The proceeds will benefit the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans and Veterans Aid.

The special black and white edition was created to honor the creators’ grandparents who served in WWII. Junkyard Joe is an initiative to increase visibility and raise financial support for the people who have served the country. Apart from the black and white edition, the other variants of the comic will also be released on October 5th. Image Comics and Mad Ghost Productions will be donating $2 for every issue sold.

Why Give to Organizations?

The creators strongly believed that their characters were fighting to end evil. In fact, they were battling against unknown forces on an unknown battlefield. Much like the creators’ grandparents and all the veterans who stood for the country. The comic is a way to express admiration and respect for veterans and the organizations that support them on their journey.

In addition, Junkyard Joe will highlight the perspectives of veterans through comics. The proceeds will support two charities that strive to end homelessness among veterans in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Why Veterans?

The creators have huge faith in all those who have served the country. They shed sweat and blood for the well-being of others, and now it was time for them to be taken care of. The creators believe that veterans are the best ambassadors of the country. It’s their duty to help promote it and make it a better place. It’s also their responsibility to ensure that their loved ones are remembered for all that they’ve done.

The people from the organizations are pleased and delighted to be a part of this. They are deeply moved by the fact that the creators are partnering with them to help support two charities. The creators help fulfill the mission of the organizations and help veterans lead better lives.

Making the World a Better Place

Aside from the intriguing storyline and characters, Junkyard Joe is also a great way to help veterans. The creators have gone above and beyond in featuring the special black and white edition in honor of the veterans.

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