8 Tips to Tackle Your First Major DIY Auto Repair
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8 Tips to Tackle Your First Major DIY Auto Repair

The feeling of buying your first car can be incredible. But it can also be exhausting and a real financial roller coaster as you need to undertake routine repairs and maintenance. According to Forbes, repair costs are considerably higher now, although most modern cars may require less maintenance. So, while you can send your car to a mechanic for repairs, it could be financially wise to perform some of them yourself to save cash. Below are some vital tips to help you get started on your first major auto repair.

1. Preparation

8 Tips to Tackle Your First Major DIY Auto Repair

Preparation is necessary especially with major tasks. And it’s important to find a safe area to allow you to work on the repair without any restriction. Additionally, it’s advisable to allocate enough time to complete the repair. It is also necessary to ensure you have the necessary tools to tackle a significant repair. If you’ve previously done any maintenance, you presumably have a basic set of tools to get started. Taking these steps ensures you can get things done well, minimizing the chances of errors.

2. Get your resources

Apart from tools, you’ll need resources on how to complete an auto repair correctly. And the best place to find information about your vehicle is the manual. Fortunately, some websites can help you find your vehicle handbook for all the information you need. For example, you can access the Ford f150 owner’s manual if you don’t have it available.

Aside from this, you can find many ‘How To’ tutorials on social media or video-sharing platforms like YouTube. The growing YouTube audience makes it easy to find complete auto repair recordings for guidance. There are also auto forums online you can join for support. If you know someone who knows vehicle maintenance, give them a call, and ask your questions.

3. Be realistic

Major auto repairs can be risky, especially when dealing with different parts and hot fluids. It necessitates a thorough understanding of car components. And especially because it’s your first, you’ll likely encounter some challenges. Therefore, you should be realistic about your limits, and know when the situation is out of control and would require expert assistance. Some projects are also best left with professionals, even when you are confident in your abilities.

4. Take before pictures as reference for reassembly

8 Tips to Tackle Your First Major DIY Auto Repair

So, you’re armed with knowledge, have the necessary kit and components, and a safe area to work. The next thing to do is take some ‘before’ photos before you begin. They would be useful when it’s time to reassemble the parts. Even with the sharpest photographic memory, vehicle parts can be complex. So, it is easy to forget what goes where. It is also possible you might not complete your repairs within the expected timeframe. So, take more pictures from different angles at every disassembly stage, and put captions underneath that you can use as reference. While this may seem time-consuming, it can save you a lot of time down the road.

5. Shop around

It is convenient to stop by the local car parts shop chain and grab what you need. However, remember that you primarily take on projects like this to save money. Therefore, it is advisable to ask around for different prices of what you need before purchasing them. You can search the internet, go to second dealers, or ask people you know where you can get quality but affordable items for your repair. But be circumspect when purchasing things online and if possible, arrange a meeting to assess the parts before handing over your money. There are some specialized parts you may only be able to get from specific dealers and the cost may be high. In such cases, it is better to buy from an authentic source since a cheaper version may not be original and could cause more problems for you later.

6. Be patient

When it comes to your car, fixing repairs right is far more important than finishing quickly. You can’t risk poor repair work, which might cost you more later. Remember that you won’t get everything right with your first major repair so learn to be patient with yourself, take a step back and restart. Automobile repairs may not be the same for everyone, even if the problem is the same. So do more research, ask people with some experience, and get some helpful videos to guide you. At any point if you feel exhausted or frustrated, it would be best to take a break and resume when you’re well rested. This ensures you’re in the right frame of mind to complete the task.

7. Go over everything

The smallest oversight can cost you a lot in repairs. This makes it crucial to review your work thoroughly. Go over the repair and reassembly at least three times to ensure every part is where it’s supposed to be and wouldn’t shift or dislodge when you start the car. Rookie errors are common when tackling your first major auto repair yourself. And you can cause significant damage to your engines when you leave certain problems unattended or fail to go over your work. Check it again if you have doubts or have another person do it for you. A fresh set of eyes can easily identify something you have missed.

8. Check if everything works

8 Tips to Tackle Your First Major DIY Auto Repair

Once your car is up and running again, check for leaks, particularly around the detached parts and hoses. You may notice a hose clip requiring a bit more tightening. Allow the engine to warm up sufficiently so that the thermostat can activate; this ensures everything is in working order. Take the car for a test drive to get it warmed up. Great work if you experience no leaks or any issues. You can now get back to normal driving.

Everyone is searching for ways to save money, and DIY vehicle repair and maintenance may be a smart method if you’re sure of what you are doing. There are additional benefits to this and following the above tips can help you keep any errors at the minimum.

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