5 Outdoor Staging Tips for Selling Your Home in Riverdale, Georgia
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5 Outdoor Staging Tips for Selling Your Home in Riverdale, Georgia

Selling a home in an Atlanta suburb like Riverdale, Georgia can be a major project when you think about all of the tasks that are part of the process. To get your home ready to sell, you’ll need to do what real estate agents call home staging. Home staging is more than just cleaning and decluttering your house. You’ll also need to get your home furnishings in order and make it an approachable place that potential buyers will love. But staging isn’t just for the inside of your home. Making the outside of your home look its best will help to attract buyers as soon as they drive by.

Declutter your yard

Anything overgrown will obviously have to go when you are getting your home staged to sell. Weeding and trimming trees and bushes can be a start. You want to be sure that you are removing anything that can detract from the front of your home and might deter potential buyers from coming inside. Don’t worry about your yard if it’s bare because you can take care of that when adding staging elements.

Landscape to cover bare patches

If you have a lawn this is a likely element that you might think about replacing in your front yard. But adding in a new lawn can be expensive and buyers may not want to have the extra expense of maintaining a lawn. You can ameliorate this problem by filling in a bare lawn with a rock garden, or mulch. Some buyers may want to re-landscape the front yard of their new home, and that makes it wise to save money on landscaping.

Repair cracked pavers and stones

A cracked and broken front walkway sends a clear message to a potential buyer: this home hasn’t been well maintained. For that reason, repairing cracked pavers and stones is essential when you are selling. There are kits to make the repairs to avoid having to completely replace the path. If you aren’t sure about the best options, your local home improvement store can advise you.

Paint your front door

If you want to draw attention to the outside of your home, one of the easiest ways is to paint your front door. You can go for a bold color like red, blue, or green. Or opt for an on-trend black. What’s great about this update is that you can even do it yourself. You’ll want to be sure to sand down the door before you get started and use weather-resistant paint. If you aren’t sure, you can ask your local home improvement store for advice about the best options. Your real estate agent can also advise you about the best paint colors to attract sellers to your home.

Make your backyard a comfortable oasis

Staging your front yard holds more weight than your backyard, but you’ll also want to consider giving your backyard an update. Backyards are becoming extensions of living rooms with comfortable furniture, lighting, and even outdoor kitchens. Any furniture added can go with you to your next home to create a comfortable space ready for hosting barbecues and other entertaining.

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