5 Proven Dress-To-Impress Hacks for Men Over 40
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5 Proven Dress-To-Impress Hacks for Men Over 40

Stepping into your forties gives you a wealth of wisdom and confidence. But you may encounter styling challenges, even if you own a signature look over the years. Men often struggle more with their sartorial choices because of the limited options and multiple rules. Moreover, the balance between professional styling and casual comfort is easier said than done. The pressure of pleasing your partner, kids, and colleagues makes things even more daunting. Fortunately, dressing to impress can be a breeze if you get a little more creative with your current style. Here are some proven hacks men over forty can embrace without qualms.

Master your fits

The first rule to dressing well after forty is to master your fit. It may sound easy if you are a well-toned dad, but you must accept that your body changes over the years. You may have some extra skin here and there, no matter how consistent you are with your workout schedules. Try everything in your wardrobe and discard clothes that no longer look good. Also, be watchful about brand sizing as you restock your collection.

Ace the color game

Although you may feel apprehensive about wearing bright hues after a certain age, you need not give up on them altogether. It is still possible to wear your favorite shades of vibrant blue, green, yellow, and red, provided you do not overdo things. Balance bright shirts and t-shirts with dark bottom wear. Also, remember to dress for the occasion and skip bright colors for important office meetings.

Ramp up your casual style

Stylists recommend ramping up your casual style after forty because you need not settle for drab, ill-fitting comfort garments for outings. Investing in cargo pants for men is a great idea because they offer a perfect mix of chic style and comfort. Skip distressed jeans and shorts and settle for cargo pants to dress to impress on casual occasions. You can even wear them to work by styling them with a crisp white shirt and dressy shoes.

Invest in quality

Investing in quality should be your top priority once you step into middle age. Stick to the wardrobe concept, but never settle with the quality of clothing and accessories you buy for your collection. Fewer outfits are far better than loading your wardrobe with the cheap stuff. People notice older men more for sophistication instead of variety. Moreover, spending more is better because quality stuff lasts.

Learn the art of mix and match

Another surefire dress-to-impress hack is to learn the art of mixing and matching your clothes and accessories. In fact, you can make the most of a capsule wardrobe with this styling skill. Invest in basics and pair them in different combinations to create classy looks for work, parties, holidays, and casual outings. A little practice is enough to master the art. You can even experiment and create your own style as you go.

Dressing over forty can sound complicated to men, but you can nail it with a little creativity and smartness. Follow these easy hacks to impress everyone with your suave style.

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