3 Areas to Add Paintable Wallpaper in Your Home
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3 Areas to Add Paintable Wallpaper in Your Home

We all want to make out homes look as great as possible. We also would like to have our homes match our personalities. During these modern times, you will see something new or an invention that blows your mind away. Astek Home is the company that’s making it possible to design is the company that’s making it possible to design your own wallpaper. Paintable Wallpaper offers an array of styles, each dimensional design can be left as is or painted in the color of your choosing. The wallpaper is easy to install if you follow these 6 steps. After that, check out 3 areas to add paintable wallpaper in your home.

  1. Examine your delivery to make sure that everything made it into your shipment.
  2. Inspect all panels before you begin trimming or pasting.
  3. Store materials flat in a temperature controlled, dry area.
  4. Make sure the walls are clean, smooth, dry, and intact before installing.
  5. Clean the walls with household detergent or with a solution of six parts water to one part ammonia and rinse with clean water.
  6. Turn off the electricity and remove any switch plates, wall fixtures, or outlet plates before you begin to hang your paper.

Man Cave

The man cave is a place where everything can go in there. My man cave is green, grey and black so the paintable wallpaper would look great in there. Whatever your style is, the printable wallpaper would bring your area to life even more.

Office Space

Who doesn’t like a nice-looking office space? My wife is always looking for ways to make our area more unique. If you have an office area at home, chances are you’re wanting the same. Whether you work from home or have a business, the paintable wallpaper designs will stand out during Zoom or conference calls.

Kids Room

If this was something available when my kids were younger this would be perfect for their rooms. You can turn that into a project where they can basically make their own wallpaper. This would create so much excitement for your children that it’ll be all worth seeing the reactions from their friends.

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