5 Tips to Save Money for the Holidays by Doing It Yourself
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5 Tips to Save Money for the Holidays by Doing It Yourself

The holidays can be a wonderful yet expensive time of the year, especially Christmas. But you can have extra money for the holidays with some DIY projects rather than paying out.

Repair Rather than Replace

If you fix something over the holidays, you can save a lot of money. Things like computers, TVs, and tools for the garden are good examples. Generally, you should fix a piece of equipment if the cost of fixing it is less than what it’s worth. When it costs more to fix than to replace, you should replace it. You can find great services online these days. But you can always take your things to places like Lentz hardware stores, where the experts can help you.

Stay Away from Xmas Services

Christmas comes with expenses other than the cost of gifts themselves. You have things like delivery costs, food preparation, and even gift wrapping. And unless you really need to, you shouldn’t be paying for any of these. You can do all of these yourself with a little effort and sometime set aside. For example, keep delivery charges down by shopping online all at once and visiting relatives to drop off gifts. And look for wrapping tutorials on the web and YouTube.

Save Money for the Holidays by Gifting Your Crafts

Crafting is a popular hobby these days, and it ranges from simple things like gift cards to artisanal food and drinks. Yet if you are good enough at making something and contribute to the $680 billion per year crafting market with a home business, you can use your creations for gifts. Suppose you make the most delightful cakes or homemade chocolate sweets. Then you can decorate them for the holidays, such as Xmas and Halloween, and give them out as presents.

Prepare and Cook Food Yourself

Most people buy some pre-prepared food over the holidays. And this is expected for complex things like cakes and treats if you can’t cook these. However, there’s no reason why you should go paying extra for easier things like stuffing, pre-cooked meats, and trimmings like pigs in blankets. You can easily make all of these yourself, and cooked meats cost far more because there is a tax on them. So, spend a little time planning and cooking to save money.

Get the Kids in on the Action

When you have kids, you have free labor! And the children love getting in on the action when making or repairing things. Having a few sets of extra hands can really help with fiddly tasks that are a challenge alone. And kids are also pretty good at pointing out mistakes and spotting things. Finally, they can help save you just as much time as money. Which you will need during the busy holiday period because you probably left everything to the last minute again!


The final part of the year becomes expensive with all the festivities. But you can ensure you have extra money for the holidays by repairing instead of replacing, making gifts from your crafts, and getting the kids involved in things like wrapping, decorating, and cooking.

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