7 Car Services You Can Find at a Chevy Dealership
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7 Car Services You Can Find at a Chevy Dealership

Buying a new car is something most car lovers will dream about at one time or another. It is worth remembering that even new cars require repairs and maintenance. Chevy dealers in Salt Lake City and nationwide understand this and will always be willing to help you with repairs covered under your warranty.

If you are looking for trusted partners who will support you throughout ownership, read on for more details on what services dealerships can offer.

1.    Oil Change

An oil change is one of the essential services necessary to keep your car in working order. The consensus is to change the car’s oil every three months or every 3,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Getting your vehicle’s oil changed is fast and cheap. In fact, your car may come with the first few oil changes free of charge, depending on the dealership. If you neglect to change your oil, you risk more car trouble and even complete car failure.

2.    Tire Maintenance

Repairs and maintenance are inevitable, so you should factor them into your budget from the start. Create a maintenance schedule for your new car, so you know when to get work done and how much it will cost.

Tire maintenance is important for the safety of your car and passengers. In addition to tire rotations, dealerships often sell brand-new tires. Depending on where you live, you may need to switch to snow tires for some parts of the year.

3.    Battery Check

The dreaded dead battery is a common concern among car owners. Many new vehicles automatically turn off lights, or other instruments accidentally left on. However, there are other reasons your battery might be bad, such as loose wires.

The Chevy dealer’s technicians and mechanics are trained to work on your car or truck, so you can be sure they are doing things right. Routinely checking your battery is one responsibility of keeping your vehicle well-maintained.

4.    Engine Trouble

At some point, every car owner has heard an odd clunk or suspicious noise coming from their car. It could be anything. When you buy your new Chevy from a Chevy dealer, they offer you access to their in-house repair facility so you can keep all your repairs in one place.

That includes access to the latest technology in diagnostics to find and fix all types of engines or transmission trouble.

5.    Parts Replacement

Who knows your car better than the dealership where you bought it? They are also more likely to have the parts your car needs without the pricey special ordering of the parts. This saves time and money compared to repairing your car at an independent garage.

6.    Electrical Diagnostics

Aside from the transmission, the alternator is another common issue car owners have to keep an eye on. Trained mechanics can determine if the issue is the alternator or another electrical issue.

Being able to bring your car to the same place for regular maintenance and repairs saves time, effort, and money. You will not have to worry about taking your car to different places and spending time scheduling appointments and waiting for repairs to be completed.

7.    Brakes Service

Your brakes could be the one thing that stands between you and a car crash. According to statistics, nearly 25% of car accidents in the U.S. are caused by brake-related issues. Getting your brakes checked is another necessary routine service.

To get the most out of owning a new car, it is important to research all the services that Chevy dealerships offer. When you know what is available, you can take advantage of all the benefits they provide.

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